Magic For Darfur Auction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MitchellStafiej, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Im definitely going to start thinking up ideas on how to raise some money... I could send you a deck signed by me? If that helps? lol
  2. Well, I wouldn't know why someone would want one of these when you could possibly get these from a fun contest every week. There are things that people would bid pretty high for.
  3. If anyone could find fault in this, it would be you.
    The dude is saving people from genocide, little kids getting macheteed to death. And your *****in saying oh why would anyone ever buy this...

    The fact is that you CANT just get these everyweek. As was stated earlier, there are fewer than ten in circulation. And even if he was selling a used pack of Micky Mouse playing cards, it would make sense to place a bid, because of the cause.
  4. I honestly dont care what the item of bidding is, I will bid big and if I dont win, will make a donation of the same amount anyway.

    People should think about others for a change, and not just what you will recieve.
  5. great, great, great cause.

    I hope the amount goes up. This item could go for at least $50. I mean Houchin, Madison and Bayme, not to mention an UNCUT sheet. It's like a poster, except better.

    PS- it's signed on both sides(correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Im hoping it goes for much more than that :).
  7. I sold one without signatures for 200$ a few months ago. That was for school payments though. ;)

  8. Alright, I apologize, I realize what I said was quit and assy thing to say.
  9. Ha! I get free shipping if i buy it!
  10. Final day...

    I thank you for your support.

  11. Couple of hours left on a good cause and a good thing.

    Hats off the the T11 guys for donating this and Mitch for putting it together to make a difference in the world.

  12. Yes, HUGE props to both Mitchell and Theory11 for their kindness and willingness to support a good cause. :)
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    I'm going to begggg my mom to let me bid on this!

    ****! I'm not allowed!
  14. Well.... $125.50. Not bad. :)

  15. Hoped it was going to go for more :(
  16. Are you the one that bought it?

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