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  1. I've been looking for a new magic trick that I could use in a situation were I have nothing with me apart from my wallet, keys and my phone. Anyone have any magic tricks in mind that I could consider buying?
  2. Perhaps Circuit? That said, if you always have like a wedding ring look into Reflex by Patrick Kun. :)
  3. Unharmed by Jay Sankey. It is something that fits in your wallet and you borrow and item. really strong.
    Fob is great because it is always on your key ring. All you need to do is borrow the deck.
    Tag o Magic is something that seems like it;s totally impromptu because it is just one of those plastic tags that everyone has on their key ring now.
  4. Greg Rostromi has put out some great apps if you want something that uses your phone. Shawn Farquhar's extended stay uses hotel room key cards so perfect to keep in your wallet (he also has a great wallet that can be used as your normal wallet and lets you do a great card to wallet anytime).

    Do you do any coin magic? pick up a copy of Modern Coin Magic by Bobo.
  5. Extreme Burn 2.0, just keep it in your wallet all the time.
  6. Who but magicians and maybe hard core card players just carries a deck of cards around?

    Sleight of hand will let you do something magical at any time as long as there is something you can fit in your hand somewhere nearby. Ring magic is fun, and all you have to do is wear a ring or have something that works for it on your key ring. Many coin sleights work with keys. Credit cards/bank cards can be manipulated though they don't work quite like playing cards as they are not flexible enough. A huge variety of stuff can be carried in a wallet. Predictions, billets, gimmicks, etc.

    And that's not even touching on the whole mental magic/mentalism route.

    Muscle reading requires nothing. Hypnosis. Cold reading. All of these will require a lot of study to get good at, but provide you with a full show's worth of material out of thin air.
  7. Did you, at any point consider answering the very simple question Christopher?

    Here are the things I have on me almost all of the time;

    Extreme Burn 2.0
    Card to phone ("C2P" on the app store)
    Thumb tip

    I used to carry Digital Dissolve in a pocket in my wallet too but stopped because I hardly ever used it.

    There are a few cool looking key gimmicks out there like the recent release where you can make it penetrate any string, cord, necklace or rubber band but I can't remember what it's called.
  8. So you have never been in someone's house and them ask you to do something? Almost everyone has cards in the house. Also fob can be used for more than cards. Works with bills and billets.
  9. Actually, no, I have never been handed a deck of cards by anyone other than magicians and asked to do something. Most people that I talk to just say, "Can you show me something now?" and then either I say, "no" or I do something with what's on me. That may include cards, but often doesn't.

    Furthermore, I understood the question to be, "What can I do at any time in any place with these objects?" Having to borrow a deck means only being able to do that trick when there is a deck present which is far from "Any time anywhere".

    Yes, and I gave him several suggestions of varying difficulty levels. Is there some problem with my answer? I didn't even go all smart ass with him, I gave him straight forward, legitimate suggestions which can be accomplished with the list of objects he presented.
  10. can you post a rough idea towards what the sum the magic trick i going to cast against the buy .. anyone
  11. . . . and Formula strikes again!

    I happen to agree with Christopher 110%; if people learn the foundation techniques associated with magic they won't have any difficulty creating magic at the drop of a hat. . . for that matter, if you but carry a Thumb Tip and know all that you can do with such a tool, you will be more than equipped for doing at least 3-5 bits, which is more than sufficient.

    Today's "culture" in magic has seriously hurt the craft because we no longer have the checks & balances that used to apply by way of the Brick & Mortar shops of old and of course, the discipline instilled by the older face of the primary magic fraternities like the IBM & SAM. Today it's about "tricks" vs. technique; it's about ego vs. skill. Thankfully there are some exceptions but they are a serious minority; young people that want to be exceptional and not treat magic as something you do just to freak people out, etc.

    Sometimes a "simple question" requires more than an elementary answer, which is why a few of us here deliver a mini-lecture and challenge to people asking certain types of questions, Formula. It's not for the sake of personal ego or coming off as some sort of Lord within magic (as you're intimated in the past); it's because we want to preserve magic and encourage others to step up to the proverbial plate so that the quality of magic isn't maintained but improved upon with each generation. Maybe. . . just maybe some folks need to open their eyes to see the greater picture rather than jumping in with an attempt to misdirect such young minds from the higher path?
  12. I'm not a villain. :(

    I don't think todays culture has seriously hurt the craft, but instead divided the craft between professional magicians and hobbyists who do tricks more widely.
    This person asked for some tricks that look or are impromptu that fit within his key's, wallet and phone. I don't think it's the place to challenge him in to deeper thinking unless asked. You can't force the camel to drink, it only drinks if it chooses to.
  13. And for those people, there are people like you answering the question with a list of tricks.

    And then when this metaphorical camel is ready to drink, the more thorough answers are already out there for them to look at and they'll remember that people have told them for a while that these options are out there.

    To go back to your metaphor, the camel still needs water to drink when it goes get thirsty.
  14. Alrighty guys, I've been doing magic for 5 years. I know I could use sleight of hand in these type of situations (Which I usually do) but I was just looking for a few new tricks that I hadn't seen before so I could buy it and basically learn something new. Thanks for the replies :)
  15. There are a couple I'd get if I were you.

    1) Heirloom: Photo card prediction that lives in your wallet.
    2) Freaky by Greg Wilson: Classic Copper, Silver, Brass effect using house keys instead of antiquated coins no one carries around anymore.
    3) My Pet Boris For the Iphone or Android: It's an updated The Web by Jim Pace for the 21st century.
    4) Hopping Halfs by Johnson's Magic: The classic "two coin trick" with a trick ending. Lives in my coin purse that lives in my right pants pocket. Resets in seconds.
    5) Exact Change by Greg Wilson: Another deadly powerful close up/ walk around wonder.
    6) I usually keep a Free Will prediction written on the back of a business card that lives in my wallet as well. The Key/Coin, Pen, Wallet trick. Unfortunately I don't know what the trick is called on the market, I know it's commercially available and that Rick Everhart performs it, I just know the method and have adapted it to suit my needs.
    7) Hundi 500 by Greg Wilson, Cinch by Shaun Robison, 1 to 5 dollar bill, or other similar bill change.
    8) Fire Wallet, Peek Wallet, Utility Wallet, Impression Wallet, Multiple Out Wallet, or other similar magicians wallet.

    That right there is more than enough to keep you going for a bit!
  16. Single effects?

    Johnson Products Alone offers a long list of coin effects;
    Cigarette Thru Quarter or Half-Dollar
    Hopping halves
    Sun & Moon
    Dime & Penny (one of my favorite)
    $1.35 Cent Trick (there are a couple of variations to this but it's a killer)
    and of course numerous gaffed coins for whatever purpose you may have on your evil mind.

    There's a wide assortment of sponge related magic now days, look around!

    The Spirit Disc (breath on it and a card appears) you'll just need a good range force that you can repeat in that a different card exists on either side of the glass disc.

    I detest most wallets when they are used in conjunction with Mentalism because they are not psychologically logical (kind of like the Center Tear). Wallets used for Card in Wallet type routines are perfectly fine as are switching and index styled wallets & biz card holders. There is likewise a Money Clip utility device on the market that I like that more or less does the same thing as the old Ostin Clips just in a modern dress; it's quite convenient for 21st century mentalism if you're a proficient billet worker.

    Get their complete hand gimmick series; Thumb Tips, 6th Fingers, Sonada device, etc. and you'll have an arsenal in your pocket (I should not that Steven's Magic carries a very cool hold-out "purse" that gives you an easy on and off with this type of divice.)

    Writing Pens, Sharpies, Pencils
    Let's face it, there's already a wide variety of Tipping items of this sort as well as long established routine like the Snapper Cap, Topsy-Turvey routine, Pen Thru Bill, Vanish & Reappearing, color changing, penetration type effects and more.

    But then we get back to reality. . . why does anyone need to carry a warehouse sized collection of stuff when all they actually need to do is sit down and apply their existing or even new skills so as to be ahead of the curve vs. someone that follows current trends?

    Apply your skills and knowledge; challenge yourself to take those extra steps in order to be more than another face in the crowd that performs the same effects everyone else in town performs. When we do this we start becoming real magicians vs. tricksters.
  17. I didn't say someone handed me a deck. I said almost everyone has a deck of cards in their house.
    I like to borrow the coin or cards when i'm doing something off the cuff for someone. Most of the time I do something with Fob or unharmed. For FOB I borrow a bil for unharmed I borrow credit card or driver's license

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