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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BMC, Dec 29, 2008.

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    thats tudor himself man...
  3. Tudor couldn't have performed a better charlier. I almost burst out laughing when it fell apart.

  4. What the heck just happened?
  5. heh. I think it was too fast for anyone to comprehend.

  6. can someone tell me how the first control is done ?

    and where can i learn that cut?
  7. :eek: Is that who I think it is?! From the early IRC days?!!?!... I think I tried teaching this dude the charlier via mebeam... he couldn't do it and proceeded to fire his laser pen at me. I'm still recovering :(

    - Sean
  8. haha. You have recieved the 'Most Unexpected Post of the Year Award' Sean :)

  9. LOL that's hilarious! Gosh that's poorly done... What's with a string of these vids recently? Must be in the giving spirit (for laughs)..
  10. I refer you to my post here. Closed.
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