Magician's Attire: What do you wear?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gOOfy, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Yes... but you look like an anti-fashioner. That's not a statement, that's FASHION!

  2. Mitchell, I'm going to have to disagree with you here. The prefix 'anti-' means 'opposite' or 'counteracting'. Anti-fashion is, by definition, not fashion.

    I think there's another word that you may be looking for to describe whatever it is that you're talking about. There's really no arguing with the meaning of anti-fashion: it is not fashion. That's simply what the word means.
  3. Yes... I understand exactly what he means by Anti-Fashion. But it is a complete oxy-moron. By dressing in the form of "Anti-Fashion" he is becoming fashionable in that specific fashion which is "Anti-Fashion". Even Anti-Fashion is a fashion.

  4. I dress somewhat similar to this:


  5. my favorite cardist is bone ho that's why I really love the jacket that he is wearing (viper tally-ho video).. And I wear that kind of jacket when performing at birthday parties (no no to children's party of course).. I'm a former band member that's why when performing at street I usually wear shirt (dark color most of the time) and any straight cut pants..
  6. haha was that sarcasm? lol :p
  7. Not at all!

    Crap, that came out semi-sarcastically too. Ugh. But, I really do like it.. for serious. :D
  8. I wear jeans, deep pockets. Usually a polo shirt, A jacket if I can because I Loveth The pockets are usually always it depends on what kind of magic mood im in....somedays i feel like doing the whole magic thing so ill carry cards, marker, plus gimmicked card plus self-tying shoelace....that takes alot of pockets
    other days i feel like mentalism in which case its just small notebook, pen, i might wear shorts....
  9. You look like your jacking those two for their business card with that hoodie on.

    Give me that!

  10. Haha they were actually looking at my artist pass lol.
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