Magnolene by Telmo Trenado

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  1. The generally don't, which is a standard practice in the publishing industry. Publishers are not in the business of taking their time to educate contributors.
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    Fair point - Although can they not just simply say that it isn't original?
  3. Given my experience with artists, that usually just invites them to try and argue with you. The existence of threads like this is proof of that.
  4. I have performed this effect and other things with a similar method and am yet to be pulled up on it, but I understand your point especially as I'm performing to magicians on The Wire
  5. They didn't. This is a quote from the e-mail:
    "REVIEWER'S NOTE :: While I don't believe this particular submission to be a good fit for The Wire, we're very thankful for your submission and excited to see more of your work in the future."
  6. Good point.
  7. Depends how you perform the effect really, as I said before - an excuse is a good reason to perform the 'secret'.
  8. After talking to people this effect isn't original, but I'll certainly bear that in mind when it comes to creating in the future. Thanks.
  9. Even if you continue performing the effect, bear it in mind. Little things like that make a trick even more powerful - when people stop wondering what you are doing with your hands and enjoy the trick, that's when the magic occurs.

    Good luck with other creations.
  10. Be creative for the sake of creating. Remember that learning a skill follows 5 steps in this exact order:

    1. Imitation
    2. Comprehension
    3. Evaluation
    4. Invention
    5. Innovation

    No one, not a living soul ever starts at 5 and works backward, or takes it in the order of 4, 1, 5, 3, 2 or whatever. I've been at this professionally for 6 years and I have not reached level 5 yet. It's a long journey.
  11. Thank you very much, I really appreciate this feedback and it will really help to strive to be better.
    Thanks again.
  12. Do yourselves all a favor and go read Mastery by Robert Greene. Now. I just bought my second copy. One for the Kindle and now one hard copy. You will thank me later. Steerpike's post reminded me.
  13. Great book. Couldn't agree more. Robert breaks everything down into six steps rather than five. He also analyzes the lives of a number of historical figures to try and identify what makes them better than the rest. Very thought provoking.

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