Making Money With Free Tricks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Parker Nolan, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Now, I know that nobody out there knows who I am, since I have never released any effects on The Wire, on YouTube, or anywhere else, but I had an idea today. I have been working on a trick for The Wire for a few weeks now, and I realized that even if I 'sell it' for free, I could earn money from it! If every trick you release earns 1K points, (assuming you have three or four effects out) you could purchase rare items for free, and sell them online! Now, I don't know if this is the approach I will take, but I was wondering what others think about my logic.
  2. This set off both Red Flag #1 and Reason for Cautious Optimism #1. You start off with this premise, but also acknowledge your inexperience and status as an unknown. Maybe you're going somewhere interesting with this.

    Red Flag #2 because it sounds like you created it just to sell it.

    Reason for Cautious Optimism #2. A possible revelation on one of the often-overlooked but essential keystones of marketing. It's all tied up! Which way it will go?

    Red Flags win! Sound the klaxon!

    What you have just described is a needlessly over-complicated, ethically dubious, and unspeakably lazy method of trying to make what is ultimately chump change. If it weren't for the giant-ass glass of mead I just drank, I would be in a really grumpy mood over this little bait and switch.
  3. Ah, I see what you mean, but all I meant was that I was wondering if anybody does this or is thinking of doing it. You sound like a bit of a troller, but I don't feel like getting into a major back and forth argument. Thank you for your input.
  4. If they have, they're not what I would describe as being "of average intelligence." It's overall a pretty stupid idea. It's a couple dozen extra steps to achieve monetary goal that could be accomplished in half the time by busking, and it does so by basically exploiting another company's good will in a very cynical manner while also pumping out more crap onto the already saturated magic market.

    Seriously, am I the only one who still remembers what trolling is? No, kid, I'm not a troll. I'm just a Slav.
  5. Now I want a big glass of mead.

    I'm sure this idea has occurred to others, but it just seems to take all the fun out of both releasing a trick and also acquiring the rare items via those releases. It's like buying your own christmas presents.
  6. True, true. Sorry I asked folks, haha I am not entertaining that idea anymore, as I had the same thoughts, I just was wondering. Thanks for the feedback, though :)
  7. I'm not going to troll you. Either sell your tricks or don't. You do t have the experience and credits to pull off this idea on your own without people being cautious.
  8. OK ! this is a god medium to earn more bucks..
  9. This is a joke, right?
  10. I agree, Steerpike. While I was the one to start this discussion, it's rather obvious now that this is jot the way to go. If you get the points, use them for the rare items and enjoy them, don't just use it for cash. :)
  11. More than that, think of it this way. A magician is known for creating cheap, throw-away effects and flourishes that have never been performed for a live audience ever, solely for the purpose of putting them up on an online store for free so that he can get points toward free merchandise, which he then plans to sell on eBay, probably for an unjustified markup.

    You know what the first words that pop into my head when I think of such a person are? "Some *******." This is really bad because Some ******* is the source of all of our pain. Why is the bathroom floor covered in urine? Because some ******* figured you or someone else would clean it up for him. Why is the salad bar so expensive? Because some ******* used it as an all-you-can buffet for bacon and chocolate mousse. Why is your car in the shop? Because some ******* T-boned you at an intersection because he was texting while driving. If you are ever the ******* in a sentence that starts with, "Some *******..." then it's time to step back and think about your life.
  12. As amusing as that little rant about being an "*******" it was a little too long. Maybe only 2 or 3 examples next time ;)

    But I do agree, this was a bad idea that sounded a little childish.

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