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  1. Hey guys, do you know any good tricks with a marked deck?

    Thanks in advance.:D
  2. I love my marked deck (Daniel Madison : Blood), for one simple reason. Presentation.

    All I do with mine is ask them to pick a card, obtain the identity of it - easy as pie - and then play it up.

    I roughly take 5-6 minutes of just revealing their selection.

    I ask them if they are left handed or right handed. With the appropriate hand I ask them to hold my wrist and squeeze, thinking of their card. Then reveal it slowly, colour first, then suit, then if its high, middle or low in value, and then the specific value.

    A line I came up with which I always use now is - as soon as they grab my wrists I say, grinning "Wow, OK... without a doubt, that's a red card... Yeah, definitely..."

    Then pan the rest out.

    I also never my eye contact during this and look at the ground, for one reaosn - laypeople believe you can read their body language through looking into their eyes. If that's the image you want to present, fine, but I believe it makes it seem much more impossible if you don't.

    And repeat it, if you want - to prove it wasn't a fluke.

    And the holding the wrist idea ties in nicely with Stigmata, you can follow with that, like I have done before.

    -Sam H
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  3. Have a read through Luke Jermay's leading reading, it's got some interesting ideas in there if you're looking to take a more 'mental' approach.

  4. Theres a good effect on Ben Earls past midnight

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