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  1. i know this one the card is the 7th one trust me
  2. I am not sure you should challenge people to figure it out....however, since you gave us the method by saying it is math based - that makes it not only exposure, but easy.

    When you deal the cards face up, you remember the 7th card down...because 26 plus 7 down is 33...which is the exact number you will need when you make 3 random cards equal ten then add them together.

    By rounding the cards up to ten, then adding them up - you will always get to that number.

    if they were all 10' would have dealt NO cards, but added them up to thirty...the extra three cards come from the ones you deal off the top.

    It didn't hurt that you made TWO mistakes in a self working trick:

    1) YOU slipped and said 27...I mean significance to what your brain was saying...remember the 7th card.

    2) You dealt in to a beat...but REALLY paused at the 7th card....brutal.

    I have one for you.

    How do you feel comfortable posting, when you can't even do a self working trick well?

    I guess the word Pro in MagicPros is short for Problematic?

    Please work harder on your magic, especially if you are going to share it on the internet.

    Good luck.
  3. Lol that made me laugh.

    Anyways, this seems like a poor copy of a trick which is described in card college v. 4... And i don't like the idea about it being exposed.
  4. is this a joke
  5. Nice reply!
  6. Every reply of Mo's is nice man.
  7. It's a good thing you were giving him constructive criticism and not just being a prick. Quit being so damn negative.

    This video actually reminded me of something I saw a few years back, it was nice to be taken back to that time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. It's one thing to share a nice trick over the internet, it's another to perform it poorly then ask others to expose the method and consider it a "challenge".

    Also, Morgician did provide constructive criticisms:
    1) He mentioned how MagicPro accidentally slipped the number 7 when he said "27".
    2) He pointed out how the 7th card was dealt out of beat

    I don't think he was being a prick, he simply provided feedback in a harsh manner. Not everything is sugar-coated you know :)

  9. Hey the video and what it asks for. Tell me if that is what you want on videos as magic? If so, then it may reveal something of your magic. Are you really thankful that a video like this is shared? If so, I will sell you a video you will will teach you such miracles as the 21 card trick, coin from ear, thimble magic and MUCH MUCH less!

    If a poor performance of a self working effect takes you back in is nice to hear that you are better now. Honestly, how can you defend this. THE KID HAS THE ABILITY TO DO THE EFFECT OVER AND OVER ON VIDEO, AND POST THE BEST ONE...THE BEST ONE...AND THIS WAS THE COPY HE SUBMITTED....THIS IS WHAT HE WANTS TO DEFINE WHO HE IS IN MAGIC?

    What do you think the purpose of this video was? What is this young man trying to achieve? His user name and promotional video is under the name Magicpros - are any of his videos what you expect from someone who is a professional magician? You should be ashamed that you defend him, as he should be ashamed that he is being told to have higher standards of deception, as nobody should hold ourselves more accoutable than we do.

    I was not trying to be a "prick", but direct. If the guy is not willing to spend more time on his magic, I am sure a lengthy post is not his style to read either. Moreover, if I am nice....every kid is going to think they can post garbage and someone will wipe their magical butts to tell them what is wrong. So, I hope this acts as a I have seen enough poor grade magic get displayed on video.

    Feedback is a gift...evenly said harshly - CHERISH IT! I am not being negative...unless you think your teachers are being negative when they will you that you submitted an essay with poor grammar or the thesis was not supported. Give your head a shake man.

    Garry said the rest.
  10. I didn't ask for EXPOSURE! I asked for you all to make a video of you performing it if you could figure it out! And just because I say it is mathematical does that reveal it? I was simply classifying the trick! Just like you would say this is a pick a card, sandwich rouitine, etc.
  11. Hmm, okay - not trying to be rude...but - pick a card, or sandwich routine isn't the method. Actually, your effect could have been called a revelation, a prediction, a revelation...but the math...yeah, that was the method. I don't think picking a card has ever been a method...and if it was, I MIGHT not use that as my classification.

    So let me get this straight - now you are telling me you don't know how to distinquish method versus plot?

    As for not being expsosure - you requested for the watcher to figure it out (actually presenting it like a challenge effect, so if I don't get it - I lose and you win, and vice versa) then you told us to post a video doing it, or write something in the thread on how it was done?

    Am I taking crazy pills?

    See how this is getting worse.

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