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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by b-llusion, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I just made a video of me practicing the matrix trick using cards. I know I kinda fumbled a bit, but what do you think so far? i have been practicing it for about 2 days now. Thanks and please no rude comments.
  2. Nice, but I don't quite think that's the way it's done.
  3. ya, I am trying to create a variation. Not quite sure if it is going to be good, but thought I try something different.. Thanks though.
  4. its not bad dude. i liked it and it had me fooled for a little bit.
  5. Thanks for your comment. I know I need to clean it up quite a bit, but that will come along with time. My goal was to take an effect and try to make it my own.
  6. Well, you know you fumbled, so I'd simply add this:

    I've never really liked the majority of matrix effects, either with both cards and coins or just coins alone. The reason is this: Most matrix performances make me feel like I'm just looking in the wrong place; that is to say that it's rarely magical.

    This has something to do with the pace of the effect. I often feel that the effect is performed too quickly; more specifically, the reveals happened too quickly. I don't mind the in between parts moving at a rapid pace, but I don't like reveals happening too quickly or occurring in too quick a succession.

    I'm not sure if I'm the only person who feels that way, but I genuinely do feel that as a result, matrix effects never quite feel like magic - it's that elusive feeling of, I know you did something, but I don't know what - and it ruins the feeling of magic for me.
  7. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated! I do agree with what you say about looking in the wrong direction. One of the only reasons why I like the matrix trick is because most lay people don't think about that, or at least in my experiences, and end up getting a pretty good reaction. I will definately take your advise though! In your opinion, what would be some coin tricks that don't make you feeling like you are just deing misdirected so that you are able to achieve something else? (if that makes sense) I am always looking to better myself, as most magicians are, so any help would greatly be appreciated.
  8. No worries. I'm not particularly knowledgeable in coin magic (I perform mentalism myself), but I would just say that effects with multiple exclamation points (e.g. a coin repeatedly appearing and disappearing) that is either performed too quickly, or alternatively, that has the performer moving too much (waving arm motions, etc) can have the effect I mentioned above.

    I know that's quite vague, but yeah - I don't really have much knowledge of coin magic, just my experience from what I've seen :)
  9. In my opinion, the good news is that your fumble was not a catastrophic one. The bad news is that it looks like you are doing something sneaky in a couple of places in the routine. I'm not too much of a coin guy, so you can take my words with a pinch of salt.

    I was also wondering why you are trying out a more complicated variation that essentially replicates Al Schneider's original Matrix effect. If you are coming up with a variation, what aspect of the original matrix are you trying to improve?
  10. You going off of Ponta's stuff? This is good stuff. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just look at the title "Practice." Good practice bro.
  11. I see what you are doing there, but I would advise against changing Ponta's handling that much.

    The reason why his quick matrix works well, is be cause it is quick, and all of the transpos apparently happen at the same time. But using the same handling he does in his quick matrix, and showing the transpos one at a time, doesn't really flow well.

    I would suggest getting down his quick matrix as it is first. Then, work on his regular matrix routine (slower versions). Once you can actually do those well, without fumbling, then you should think about creating your own version.

    But you should really work on the routines he has provided first so that you can understand the subtleties better. Trying to change them too quickly, and you will be left with facing obstacles that you don't realize exist. Like, "does this flow into this?" or "does this routine theme warrant the use of these sleights?" etc...

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