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Max Maven Prism

Apr 27, 2008
I am probably going to pick this one up but would like to know some more details and the sites selling it have offered no help. So my questions are as follows,

Are there any effects for some walk-around work?

What type of props are there needed?

How many effects are just genius?

And Lastly, is the teaching top notch, pretty good, decent, rushed, or horrible?

Thanks and if you can link a forum if there is one, I couldn't find one anywhere for some reason.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I don't have it but I've been thinking of purchasing it too - all I can say is that a mentalist I met spoke very highly of it - and Max Maven being Max Maven, the effects I'm sure are genius, and it's highly probably some of them could at least be adapted for walkaround.

Sorry I can't tell you more.
Dec 26, 2007
Honestly, almost all of the stuff in prism is suitable for stage or parlor. If you looking for something to add to your closeup work this may not be the best book for your money. It has great stuff in it and I am glad I bought it. The best stuff in it is designed for stage.


theory11 moderator
Yeah, it is more of a stagey book, there is a healthy amount of genius in there - stuff that you wouldn't even consider.

There is also though an amount of stuff that uses some techniques you'll already know, but routined in such a way or combined with other methods to make it impossible.

There is a reason that Max is as highly regarded as he is - some great work in here.

Apr 27, 2008
Alright so mainly for stage and parlour. How many effects would you say that you could turn into a walkaround routine? I do some stage but I do more walk around than anything, so any ideas on any tricks would be helpful? Thanks
Apr 27, 2008
Well I asked for a few reasons and that is my talent show is in January sometime so I wanted to make sure I got enough time and I do some walk around and strolling now so it would help if even three tricks can be incorporated with my routines.

Anyways I got it along with some more swami gimmicks (boon i think) so I really don't believe I will be disappointed with anything but more along the lines with trying to achieve the walk around effects. Thanks for the help guys, you made Robert more money.
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