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  1. Hi

    Here's an effect I've been working for past 3-4 weeks. Tell me if you want to see it on the wire!
  2. i really like it and would love to see it on the wire
  3. I almost forgot about this...

    There are 3 handlings
    - main handling - as you can see in the video
    - impromptu handling - borrowed objects, setup takes 2 seconds
    - version where a dot moves in spectator hands
  4. Very nice!
  5. LOVE IT! I personally was working on a similiar effect, pretty much the same one actually, but your version takes the cake my friend. My hat off to you.
  6. Woah. Thanks for all your feedback! Hopefully first you'll be able to see my effect MINTblow on The Wire SOON.


    Here's how it looks like.

    Anyway. I'm going to start filming MBM preview and explanation this friday so I hope you'll see it on The Wire just before 2012. Stay tuned. I appreciate all of your feedback and once again... Thanks :)
  7. amazing stuff i like both videos...seems very "real world"

    well done :)
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    Here's official preview video for MBM. Check it out!


    Today I reached 100 performances for live audience of MBM effect!
    I've decided to apply this system to a straw. This allows to perform this trick in any conditions!
  9. I struggle with this one. When the dot moves it looks really great, that is awesome. I'm not sure how deceptive it would be if it was live though. I guess if you've performed it over a hundred times for a live audience then more power to you.

    I like the gum effect. It is more relevant and looks more deceptive. If I was really magic I would want to change the flavor of my gum at any time. That would be a useful skill.
  10. Just to let you know:
    Mintblow is now available on lybrary.com
    I'm currently working on research of MBM effect and it looks pretty original. I'm going to film explanation video this Monday so stay tuned!
  11. Im not trying to be a drag....but a moving dot on a writing utensil really isnt practical.....why not use something different than another pen,marker,pencil how bout a card or your finger.....I just had to voice my opinion....you have a cool Method of a moving dot, i would just apply it elsewhere. Im not trying to bash you sorry if that's the impression. Magic needs to make as much sense as possible and writing on a pencil? just sayin( I see the new video, very good a straw looks great!)
  12. That was one of many resons why I adapted this method to a straw.
  13. I actually have a similar effect but with a different method. It can be kept by the spectator for checking and as a souvenier. Is it okay if i release it?
  14. Send me a demo video and I'll see.
  15. hey man i have the same problem i was goin to release pretty much the same thing but instead you draw random marks on your finger and with a shake the marks instantly come together and form the spectators name, no previous knowledge is know of the spectator and the gimmick resets in 10 seconds,you can also use the same thing to reveal a card or even draw a mark and MOVE it around the spectators card the possibilities are end less with this gimmick of mine!, is your s gimmicked too?
    mine isnt impromptu though!!!!!!!!!! so is it ok with you?
  16. Once again - send me a demo video of yours and I'll decide either to allow you to release it or not.
  17. I think it is kinda unfair if you'd be the one judging whether we can release the effects as we also created it by ourselves. Based on Theory11's Guidelines and an email i sent to them, as long as its not Published before, you can release it. But well, if yours get choosen, i will congratulate you. But if mine get choosen, i hope you can do the same.

    Best of Luck!
  18. Do whatever you want pretty much...
  19. why is any of your tricks not up yet

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