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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman384, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. i know there are threads about the media section not working but does anyone else have to scroll down to the very bottom to watch videos?
  2. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Which browser / operating system are you using? Can you provide us with a screenshot of the glitch?

    Try clearing your cache and restarting the browser. Not sure if this will do the trick, but it's worth a shot.
  3. I know this ain't that big/good of a picture. I have old Internet Explorer, so I thought that was the problem. But it wasn't big deal to me, so I didn't report it. Does this help at all?

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  4. Same thing happens to me. I hate how they program like everything nowadays to firefox. Us IE users are screwed time after time.
  5. msn (word count)
  6. Yes this is still happening to me too. When I click on the media link on the NAV bar I get the 404 error. When I click on a video from the favorites on the home page I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view it. I believe this problem is happening with IE7 only and NOT with any other browser (go figure). i have attempted to clear the cache, close and reopen with no luck. It seems like it started after the battle system went up. I personally do not mind but this has been going on for a while and the tech team should hopefully be aware.

    Dave G.
  7. To answer everyone's complaints, I have the same problem. When you are using the Internet Explorer, the media section in here always comes out an error. My advice for you for the video to start working, switch to Mozilla Firefox browser 3. Here is the link, It's for free.
  8. Happens to me too.
  9. Yea the vids dont work for me either! Not even if i scroll down, and dont want to download firefox stuff. Please change it T11 lol!
  10. Actually you are completely wrong. When programming the site... they focus to make sure it works generally for all browsers. If someone says that it works in Fire Fox, but it does not work in Internet Explorer.... they spend hours fixing this stuff so it does work for everyone.

    About the media section problem. Clearing your cache usually always does the trick. (HEEHEE! I said trick, but not referencing to magic! I'm a funny one!:)(Please don't hurt me...)) If that STILL does not work... Take a picture of your screen and send the image to Raiker. He'll get right on the issue.

    Thanks guys.

  11. i think you need fiirefox 2.0 or higher
    or internet explorer 2.0 or higher
  12. Media Section Problem

    hey guys, for some reason i am unable to watch certain videos on the media section. i dont know if it is a problem with my computer or the site. the video loads normaly but when i click play it just goes black. when this happens, the video screen reads 00.00/00.00 at the bottom where it would normaly tell u how far into the video you are.
    Has this happened to you? What is wrong and how do i fix it?
  13. Hey dude, there are multiple threads and posts over this very topic,try searching next time before posting. But to answer you, try using a different browser, I presume that you are on IE, try FireFox or Safari.

  14. As the poster above said, there are many threads on this already. Here is what works 99.2345643262345235% of the time.

    Clear your cache.

    If you have any issues after doing this, please send a PM to Jon Raiker. Thanks.

  15. Doug nailed it on the head. Try clearing your cache (and offline data) and restarting your browser.

    We've had a few glitches in Internet Explorer, so you may also want to download Firefox or Safari. The site works flawlessly in both.

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