Misdirection magic tricks

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  1. Hey guys my favorite type of magic effect is the misdirection kind. I know almost all card tricks involve misdirections but
    My fav misdirection tricks I perform are
    Box clever by James brown and
    Coin to hand/shoulder/under watch

    Im wondering if any one knows any other tricks along those lines.
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  2. I think the first 'misdirection' tricks most of us learned is 'Sponge Balls'....Not sure this really answers your question, but for me, it was what taught me the importance and fundamentals of misdirection magic...
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  3. Card to mouth
    TnR transpo(hard version)
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  4. Probably the best one is “paper balls over the head”. I dont think it needs any explaining.
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  5. Yea that’s a good misdirection trick I do that as well
    Thanks for ur reply
  6. That is true
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  7. I do card to mouth
    Lit and tnr transpo but what is the hard version ?
    Thanks for ur reply
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  8. I do two card monte. That requires a little bit of misdirection
  9. The hard version requires 1 or 2 top changes in the routine it's a bit more riskier to perform but a lot more powerful
  10. I agree, I do the riskier version not only is it more powerful but it helps me perfect the top change
  11. Tell me first...

    What *IS* a misdirection trick?

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