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  1. Does this one come with the rare foil king of diamonds with an attack power of 5,000 and an allergy to ground type decks?
  2. The King of Diamonds in this deck has an attack power of over 9,000.
  3. I think they look really nice.
  4. They do have an "antique" classy look to them. Not bad. I guess I am just so done with the million decks coming out each year and everyone trying to create the next best deck. I'll stick to my regular pack of bikes any day during a paid gig. Call me old school I guess.
  5. What he said. Though I do use custom decks in performance. I'm getting really burned out on how many custom decks are hitting the market. They have all just begun to blend together. Though I do like the look of these, I doubt I'll remember they exist tomorrow.
  6. very beautiful
  7. You make a good point Rick, but custom decks tend to suit peoples styles. If you were doing a parlour show, or themed card cheating demonstration, then this back design would compliment your aesthetic I suppose.

    Obviously as a working pro, you know what suits your style and is functional for your audience. Nothing wrong with regular bikes at all :)
  8. No semi-pro or pro would use custom decks on a regular basis, it's not practical. I think custom cards are for collectors and Cardists more than magicians.
  9. That's a pretty sweeping statement. When I did card magic more often I used whatever was near me, which was usually custom decks. I'm sure there's others.
  10. There is a difference between using custom cards to perform because they're near by and buying custom cards specifically to use gigging. As a professional, if you want to work with custom cards all the time more power to you but they're 2-3 times more expensive and can't be used in conjunction with the majority of gimmicks.

    I'm talking about people who actually earn a living performing, not a casual amateur or hobbyest.
  11. It's pedantic, I know, but you specified the semi-pro as well. That means someone not making their living, but supplementing it.

    While I'm not quite a pure sleight-of-hand performer any gimmick I use (which is extremely few) will work with any deck design.

    I see what you're saying, but what I mean is that you're projecting. You said "No semi pro or pro". What you meant is, "I" or possibly "many". You're projecting your own ideas of what's practical and appropriate to everyone.

    I've used custom cards for paid gigs, because those were the cards that were in the best shape at the time of the gig. In the future I have every intention of using custom cards for paid gigs if/when I actually do card work. This is for the simple reason that Bikes don't enhance the image I want to present and other cards do.
  12. they look nice but with all the new custom decks nowadays, they're not anything special

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