Morgan Strebler vs Criss Angel Featured on Yahoo!

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  1. Looks like a way for morgan to get some free press lol
  2. Yeah. I'd say this is just a publicity stunt by Strebler. It lets him say that he challenged Angel without any real risk that Angel will accept. Angel has no reason to accept, either. Strebler is a nobody to the general populace, Angel is still more or less a household name. Whether he wins or ignores it, his reputation won't change. The only thing that could change is if he loses, he'll lose some reputation. Strebler, however, can only go up from this. Either Angel ignores it and Strebler can say he 'wins', or Angel accepts and Strebler gets the publicity boost just from being in the same room as Angel in this capacity.

    Kind of disappointed, honestly. Not to mention Strebler's already done this once and then apologized for it.
  3. Well publicity or not. Angel having something to gain or lose (or not) what this is about is leveling the playing field in the name of charity. Criss has called out magicians before (like dynamo) And the only thing Strebler is doing is returning the favor.
  4. I think it might be entertaining either way :)

    If they are going to do water torture though, I want to see water torture chambers! Not 2 guys strapped to tables with eye droppers on their foreheads.
  5. The fact that no one has commented on that story shows how much the general public! It would be as if we (magicians) read about one relatively unknown mime challenging another mime who happens to be a household name to a miming contest. Seriously, how interested would you be?

    That's about how the public views stuff like this! I don't know..I'm with everyone on this....Angel has nothing to gain and Morgan has everything to gain. I think more than anything this just gets Angel's name back into the limelight more. Which doesn't matter to me one way or another, but I think it kind of defeats the purpose of what you guys are trying to do.
  6. I'm pretty much in agreement here with everyone. This is simply a publicity stunt that the general public does not care about; however, it brings Morgan's name up to another level within the magic circles. Like Baller said, its been posted for 17 hours and not a single comment.
    Unless the challenge is aired on a major TV network during the evening when most people are watching, it will be old news minutes after.

    Heck, if I had to guess, Morgan could have called Criss up and pitched him this whole soap opera idea so that it was a win / win for both to get more exposure. Just like WWE....there has to be some drama and build up before the event.
  7. It seems this is not a Yahoo news story - it's just a press release that was syndicated on Yahoo (along with thousands of other press releases). For those unaware, press releases are written and published by companies, not journalists. The organization that Morgan submitted his to (PR Web), anyone can submit to for about $199. It's not guaranteed to be written about by any journalists, and hasn't yet to my knowledge.

    Anywho, regardless, I admire Morgan for standing up to Angel and how negative and arrogant he continues to be. I'm sure Morgan realizes that Angel likely won't acknowledge his "challenge" - but that's okay. Even if disregarded, it shows Angel that two can play at the WWF-style "imma challenge you and beat my chest" publicity game.

    Is it mature? Not really. Is it good for magic? Probably not. But if it's a means to reduce the desperate, embarrassing antics that Angel is an absolute professional at presenting, then more power to him! Haha.

    To his credit, Morgan is a VERY creative, respectable, smart magician. His material is extremely sharp. I like him.
  8. As I'm extremely close to the situation. I can guarantee you that this is not a publicity stunt on Morgan Strebler's behalf. I've released a statement on Morgan Strebler's Facebook page. A statement in which Mr. Strebler himself confirmed as being 100% accurate before its release. Its a good read.
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    Morgan's Desperate for Publicity

    Morgan must be desperate for publicity AGAIN!!! He challenged Criss Angel before before back in 2007 for a water torture stunt. If anyone's bored here's the link His recent publicity stunt for fame Bending Cutlery over the Internet I guess didn't go as well as he hoped. He went back to his old standby of challenging Criss Angel. If only Morgan would work on his act instead of his publicity. Where's your Theatre Morgan?

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    I think your post is needlessly callous perhaps over critical of Morgan without paying any consideration to the bigger picture here.

    Strebler is sticking up for magicians in general by giving Angel a dose of his own medicine. Criss challenged Dynamo first right? Isn't that the genesis of this entire situation? So I remember reading everyone's replies to Criss's antics as being very similar to what you're now saying about Strebler. Did everyone just forget about Criss? Or are we now pretending that his crap doesn't stink?
  11. I thought the last time it was a "magic-Battle" with no camera editing or stooges or anything. Just pure sleight of hand magic.. Didn't Criss shoot down that idea because he realized he probably would have been destroyed. Not saying that he doesn't have the chops, just that when you rely nonstop on camera tricks to get the job done. You end up getting lazy and losing your touch.
  12. What's the bigger picture?

    How is giving Criss Angel more publicity a dose of his own medicine? Criss Angel won't acknowledge Morgan again just like last time. It appears to me that Criss Angel is challenging Dynamo for their mutual benefit. I don't know i this is true or not but according to Craig Browning Criss Angel and Dynamo have worked together. Anyone know where I can find a picture of them together?

    No, the genesis of the entire situation was that Morgan began to be tired of all this made for tv magic with camera tricks, stooges, etc. As many magician's were. Thus he decided to challenge him to Chinese Water Torture. Yes, we all know Criss Angel is a publicity bimbo. I wish everyone would forget about Criss. That way when he pulled a stunt like Criss vs Dynamo no one would care. But, sadly people do. Morgan only does his pathetic Criss Angel challenges every five years. Criss' crap always stinks.
  13. I wouldn't call it pathetic. For one there is no such thing as bad publicity. I think Morgan is kind of smart for attacking Criss like this. Regardless of what Criss does in response to the challenge Strebler is going to sponge up some free publicity for just being in the ring with him. Strebler knows this so I wouldn't be shocked if this isn't all somehow planned. I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

    Even if Morgan became tired of all the made for TV banal magic Angel puts out there I still can't find fault with him taking it upon himself to issue a challenge to a duel. Morgan is still sticking up for magic. I say if he can pull this off more power to him. Like it or not, that doesn't matter but you don't have to be so negative. Sit back and grab some popcorn with the rest of us and just enjoy the show.

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