Most Dangerous Cut

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  1. mahem+symphony+fly
  2. wrist cut + paper cut
  3. the most dangerous cut is the one handed riffle/shuffle. i tried for the first time and all most cut my fingers off.
  4. hmm,
    I'll have to agree that the paper cut definitely ranks high on the dangerous list..
    Job cut, power cut and water cut are pretty bad as well.
  5. Owy!

    Stamp cut is far worse than all of those. :p
  6. Daren's Squeeze cut to D+m's Bicycle to DnD's Molecule 3 to a single card flourish to Kev H's single card closer thingy(I don't know what it's called).
  7. The Scissor Cut of course! J/k. I think the coolest cust I can do right now is Eko! I really enjoy that. I'm working on XB2 Daniel Madison Cut! I'm really enjoying XB2 it as it teaches 5 Daniel Madison flourishes.
  8. Paper cut...?????
  9. yes paper cut is very dangerous. It hurts like a mofo
  10. running with scissor cuts
  11. I think we ALL know that the most dangerous cut, is the King Cobra cut....wouldn't want to be around those, they are VERY venomous! I'd stay far and away....especially when they come in crossed formations!! :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    -Andrei Jikh
  12. Crossed LX Quad 2-Headed Stacked Fanged Winged King Cobras are even more deadly Andrei! 4 heads plus new longer improved fangs! Although I doubt combining all the variations is humanly possible lol
  13. Touche'

    -Andrei Jikh
  14. Revolver.

    The most dangerous cut is obviously the kind of cut you get from a jive 70's crackhead when he's all "I'm gonna cut you sucka!".

    Ouch! My splein!:eek:
  15. What the hell are you guys talking about? The most awesomest eye popping cut in history is the vertigo hackey sack! I mean, what looks more impossible than spinning a packet in the air and kicking it back up with your foot?!?!?
  16. it doesnt look that impossible to me man. most n00bs can do it the first time they tried (including me)
  17. Its not a cut, but the Anti-Faro is so impressive to me, I think its a pretty bad-ass flourish.
  18. Dude, if you think that's impressive, you haven't seen to many XCM videos :rolleyes:
  19. Automatic Electric Deck! I once tried it with a pack of Jerry's and the cards flew underneath a giant spinning razor blade. You know what I did, they were Jerry's!

    I mean seriously, can any one do the automatic electric deck with some height without dropping cards all over the floor and swearing like Brian Tudor? I highly suspect the photos in the Encyclopedia were faked.
  20. Maybe your mama is fake.

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