Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by uhhh_kyle, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I'm moving for a fresh change and there is no work where I live. Hoping someone has already done this thing before and can give me some friendly advice. I'm really scared about the whole idea. Thanks eveyone!
  2. Are you leaving the state of California?
  3. Yea. I'm moving to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
  4. I am from marin county just north of SF. about 3 years ago i graduated from college and had to decide to move home with my mom or figure my **** out. I had a friend who was going to the university of arizona in tucson, and the cost of living was much more affordable so i just picked up my ****, sutffed it into my mustang, and drove 14 straight solo hours.

    At first i hated it: my "buddy" had a mental breakdown, and I was homesick. But i made some friends at work and met my future wife, so in the end, it worked out all right. the hard times were a test of my character i suppose and the passing the test rewarded me with a new path that looks great.

    This was meant to be inspirational or comforting, i guess, in that everything happens for a reason. Good luck!
  5. Thank you for that. I came up here for a 9 day vacation and to spend time with my dad and his side of the family. While I was up here, my gf cheated on me in Vegas, admitted shes addicted to drugs and alcohol, and shes balemic and anorexic. I am very worried about her safety, but if she doesnt want help, I can't give it to her. I got laid off back at home, now my ex went nuts and I don't feel comfortable in California. But here I feel just as uneasy. I'm just really confused about whats been thrown at me in the last few years.
  6. thats funny back in college my gf became addicted to coke and got f'd up beyond helping. I dont even know what really happened to her, but while very hard to handle at the time, i look back and realize that i grew so much positively from that experience. Just a lesson learned the hard way i guess. My only suggestion to you is if you are going to move some where to escape the chaos of your current situation, maybe move somewhere that has a lot to keep you occupied so you dont ferment in your own juice if you know what i mean.
  7. Sorry man, that sounds like a really tough times.
    Everybody has his own way of dealing with stuff like that.
    I will tell you mine, but you may not like it:
    First of all, you will have to find some way to get rid of that ex. I guess she is the main part of your troubles. Delete everything, pictures, phone numbers, EVERY little thing that you gave her, or that she gave you. Like she never existed. Once she is out of your head, you will figure rest of the stuff much more easily. It's pretty much like you said "if she doesnt want help, I can't give it to her".

    I had a similar situation recently, and that is how I dealt with it. And the best thing is to find some new friends and girlfriend in that new town ASAP. Get back to your magic, maybe go to the gym... Just do anything that will take your mind off of that bad things, long enough for you to move on.
  8. I have met some people, and a stripper took a liking to me. Weird, huh? I may only be here for a fews months, I may be here for the rest of my life. But I'm truely scared about leaving her on her own.
  9. I've moved half way around the world 3 years ago, I was 15. It was one of the hardest thing I've had to in my life. I moved from England to New Zealand. We had no family here and only 2 of our friends moved out here. It took me a good year before I got over being homesick and missing all my friends.

    But now everything is awesome, I got an awesome job and lots of good friends. The way to do this is just to go out and do stuff and not just sit in your room and be all depressed about your friends and such.

    Cheers, Tom
  10. I´m sorry about your problems, it must be really hard for you these days... but my personal advice is that you can´t run away from your problems, eventually they will reach you no matter what you do or how far you can go
    you have to face this and solve it or at least get out of the problem but in good terms... I know you are scared about leaving your girlfriend alone, but remember that you can´t save everybody and her problems were her choice and so she has to face the consequences, you did all that you can and more, so there is no way you could feel guilty.
    I´m not saying that you leave her to her own, but at least backoff a little, help her if you can, but in the end she has the last word

    hope this helps!
  11. Find the most popular and friendly person and punch him in the face and or groin. No one will mess with you. Or you could just show him a trick. Either way people will like you and or be afraid.
  12. lol, how can you move a thousand miles away, and not leave the state of Cali?:rolleyes::p

  13. Sorry about your tough times man. They can really be a b****. I went through a similar girlfriend situation a couple of years ago. Similar story, cheating, maybe drugs (never proved it, but from a beautiful, curvatious girl to pencil thin in a matther of a month...makes you think) but alchol was definately a problem. If moving away will help, do it, get out of a bad situation. If you are feeling nothing but negative where you are, and you have the opportunity to start new, jump on the opportunity. But what ever your choice, try to keep a positive mind set, that will be your best weapon. Dont let negativity get to you. And hey, you are a magician, you have one of the best ice breakers in the world for talking to people and making friends:D.

    keep you head up.
  14. having dealt with a cokehead girlfriend before, lemme just say this:

    She is definitely NOT the same person you met and fell for. Drugs change people. You may think you understand her thought processes, etc., but you dont. She is a completly different person that you have no connection with. Your best bet, as painful as it might be, is to walk away. She will only bring your life down with hers.

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