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  1. Welcome to your halfway point through the week! Seeing as it is a fine Wednesday, why not play a game?? This week is simple. Seeing all the hate in the magic community, I feel like its time for a change. I want you to take something in the art of magic that you genuinely do not like, and I would like you to say something Positive about it. It must be a genuine positive. It is time to flip the coin over and look at the otherside.
    That simple, and that short.

    As always be creative and have fun.

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  2. Jibrizy
    Look, I know we like to take jabs at him, and even I have joked about him occasionally on these forums. That being said, I absolutely love his ability to draw a young and powerful crowd towards the art. It isn't often a very young black magician truly flourishes into magic like Jibrizy. So I am glad he has and as a result he has brought a strong, Loyal, and quite young fanbase. As one of those kids brought into magic by Criss Angel I relate to the kids who grow up watching a magician hated by the community, and beginning to understand why that is. I know many people who feel the same about Jarek 1:20. I do believe that Jibrizy's hit Facebook videos that interest kids into magic is wonderful. I think he should be proud he is the next generation's Criss Angel. He has a young fanbase which will flourish into the next great generation of magicians
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  3. r/Magic and The Magic Cafè
    I know I love taking shots at these forums. However, I do believe that r/Magic and The Magic Cafè are great for the art because it allows for actual conversations between magicians without having to leave your house. You can wake up and listen to a professional magician give you their professional advice for ZERO dollars. I do believe this is vital for keeping any art form afloat.

    However there is another forum site that is just simply
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  4. Sansminds
    Although a large amount of their tricks are unperformable and most often a waste of children's money I genuinely love the idea of readily available tricks that magicians can perform on camera in order to promote themselves. Because lord knows how valuable those are now. I might not be a big "exclusively for camera" kind of guy, but I am very glad they do exist and they are readily available.
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