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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MagicShadow9, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a good multiple shift. I didn't do much multiple shift tricks early on so i was satisfied with the classic vernon multiple shift.

    But now i'm doing more and more 4 aces tricks and stuff and I'm being called out on the vernon shift. So if you know any good techniques for control 4 cards please let me know. Thanks!
  2. 4for4 is a nice switch, I use it a lot in my ace stuff
  3. Jason England just released the Diagonal Palm Shift as a 1-on-1 here. It can be used as a multiple shift as seen in the preview.

    Alternatively, you could learn how to cull and just have spectators replace cards and cull them.
  4. swing cut multiple shift in i believe its card college three is excellent and when done well is deceptive, very decpetive
  5. Does anyone know of a multiple shift where you don't cut the deck, or alter its order? The only one I know is Aaaron Fishers all together now shift, but he even said he doesn't use it because he can't do it without thinking about it.
  6. Daniel Madison has a nice variation on the multiple shift in Thoughts of a Madman, the rest of the material in this ebook is also brilliant.
  7. I didn't think of this yesterday when you asked, but the Cherry Control fits that criteria.
  8. Vinny Marini over at the magic cafe has a multiple shift to the top of the deck with no cutting, I think he calls it the top gun control or something like that - if you send him a PM he'll be able to hook you up.

    Bill Malone teaches a variation on the swing cut (Elias) multiple shift in his "Here I Go Again" DVD's that does NOT change the order of the cards. Another option is to have the deck in order, swing cut it for the return of the first card (which therefore goes onto the original top of the deck), leave it outjogged completing the cut, then replace the other cards in the upper half of the deck above the first card. Then when you do the swing cut shift the deck will be back in its original order with the shifted cards on top. Easy!

  9. Try Steve Draun's 'Tabled Multiple Shift' found in 'Secrets Draun from Underground'. A rather overlooked book. You do have to cut the deck, but the order remains intact as the cutting is false.

  10. Yeah, this is pretty much now my bread and butter multiple shift.
  11. I would have to say Multiple Shift by Arthur Buckley is a good one.
  12. I'm glad somebody credited Vinny Marini's lol. I prefer his over Draun's. I assume you are referring to the Vernon shift as the one where you jiggle a few cards on top and then strip them out? The one Sankey uses a lot? Luke Jermay has a REALLY good video on the multiple shift.
  13. try robert veeser's bluff mutiple shift. its just about my favorite. Its in BFU and revolutionary card technique, under the chapter, mutiple shifts
  14. Marlo published a handful of multiple shifts that do not require a cut to either the top or bottom. He called them immovable multiple shilts... all of which are widely available in Revolutionary Card Technique.

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