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  1. Hey guys I was looking for some good multiple shifts, preferably controlling the cards to the top. Thanks in advance.
  2. Buy Card Control by Arthur Buckley. I use the Vernon Multiple Shift, it's taught in the book. There's several taught in there to be honest, and it's a great book to have anyway. It's 9-10 dollars and available in a dover reprint.
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  4. Buckleys card control is great.

    I am a big advocate of Marlos RCT and he has a chapter on shifts only.

    Andrew Wimhurst has some shifts in his lecture notes Down Under Deals. It has great material in there. or you could look at his dvd The Cardistry of Andrew Wimhurst which is really good.

    Martin A. Nash has a multipule shift which is done on a table. It could be found in his books or his dvd series by LandL pub or Meri Yedid.

    I think Jerry Andrus in his 2 vol book named Jerry Andrus Card Contol has a subject on shifts but Im not 100% sure.

    Erdnase has some interesting shifts that I dont see many using in routines. I see a lot of vids of the shift itself but thats about it.

    Thats all I could think of right now.

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  5. Your best bet (for the price) is Card Control. Your other best bet is Card College Volume 3 (excellent teaching and multiple methods). Vernon's Multiple Shift is good, but you have to turn the pack upside down to get the cards to the top. My favorite is Elias Multiple Shift. John Bannon has some great tips on the Elias Multiple Shift that allow you to position the cards anywhere in the deck in Dear Mr. Fantasy.

    For a pretty comprehensive listing of multiple shifts check out Dennis Behr's archive: HERE
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    I think there are only two moves in Erdnase that could be used as multiple shifts. The Diagonal Palm Shift can be used to control cards from multiple positions to the bottom or, if you want more of a challenge, to the top. Also, in the section "Ordinary Methods of Stocking, Locating and Securing", he describes "a more artistic method of locating and securing cards", which is, effectively, a tabled multiple shift technique.

    Personally, I like using straddle-grip pass mechanics, as it seems like the most direct method. I understand Jason England teaches one of these kind of moves on the Unreal Work DVD, and there are similar ideas on Derren Brown's The Devil's Picturebook (Mike's Move) and Olivier Macia's superb Control Freak DVD. I believe there might also be something of that nature on Randy Wakeman's The Pass DVD.
  7. Thank you for the advice. I think I will get that.
  8. I could not agree more. Buckley's buck is chock-full of tons of sleights with a load of applications. It also includes tricks and gambling sleights.

    Besides the multiple shifts, you will get tons of other material. At the price point, I can't see why someone wouldn't get it.

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