muscle pass a must?

Sep 14, 2011
Yannick Chretien's idea with a muscle pass is superb, however - angle considerations aside, its not the most practical vanish.

Yigal Mesika has a lovely coin vanish that relies on the coins having smooth edges, so Artefact coins are a must.

As for the muscle pass itself - its a superb move. I think it has many more uses than the obvious coin falling upwards piece, and its well worth getting into. If you want to use it for some of the ridiculous Shoot Ogawa style moves, then its perfect. Ponta uses it in his spellbound, and if you want to use it as the coin that falls upwards - its a great pretence for doing coin under watch etc. People want to learn it, so its a nice excuse to get close and work with people.


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Jan 30, 2011
Well I personally do the muscle pass and I love it. I enjoy it. But if you ask whether is it a must then my answer to you is a no.well like I said I do the muscle pass and I think it is really useful and fun to do also so I do recommend it but again it is not a must to learn it

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Dec 2, 2010
Muscle pass is a great phase(?) or move that you can add to your coin routine.

I think it is a must to my routine

But well... Its your choice on whether you should learn it or not.

I recommend it though.

Sep 7, 2011
I use an old set of coins that i say came from an ancient culture. This way people don't ask why i am using American coins if i am not in America. If possible i always try to match the denomination to the country i am in. On the muscle pass ... i say learn it. It certainly can't do any harm, but it can do alot for your effects. I use a reverse muscle pass (not using the heel of the palm to fire but the other side) which allows the coin to fire out flat and straight. This suits me better for a transfer.
I won't interject on the muscle pass, but I'll weigh in on the Artifact coins from E.
Ech... don't get them. I got 5 so I could perform effects from Ponta the Smith's 'Sick' dvd, but there's a slight problem:
Artifact coins are THICK. Seriously. I measured that 4 US Half Dollar's are just slightly, slightly larger than 2 Artifact coins.
(You heard that right)
So, my suggestion is: practice the muscle pass, it's extremely useful, but stray away from the idea of Artifact coins. Sure they look cool, sure they're silent, but when you consider how thick they are and (like mentioned above) how soft the edges are, I think you're better off with actual currency. Whether it's currency from your homeland, or US coinage.
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