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  1. So I just started practicing the muscle pass today, and I'm getting about four inches sideways, with an occasional five inches. I was wondering, how long does it take to get the move down well? How long before I should start doing it upwards? Also, is a half dollar fine to use? It seems to work for me. Thanks in advance:)

  2. It will take some time to get the muscle pass down. You can start going up any time you want, it won't change anything. Lastly, if a half dollar works for you then that's great! But, you may want to experiment with a silver dollar just to make sure that the half dollar size works best for you. As for me, I have been doing the muscle pass for just over a year and I'm still improving!

    One piece of advice: Make sure that you can reliably catch the coin before you perform it for anyone, or else it turns out pretty pathetic when the magician fumbles with the "flying coin" and then it falls to the ground.

    One more: Don't give up on it. It has great potential for those who present it well.

    Hope that helps,

  3. Thanks man! I don't intend on giving up on it:)

  4. Just take a coin with you where ever you go. Just do it again and again and build up the callus. I remember when I was learning, I was still at school so I sat in classes just shoot the coin from hand to hand all day. The amount of time it takes to get it high/strong/accurate depends on your practise times and methods. Keep practising it, it's a great way to get noticed ("Hey! Do that again!") and as emagician said you just keep improving.
    In sore hands,
  5. yea it takes forever to get it down. and it can hurt if you do it too much.
    good luck
    shoot ogawa has a great dvd on it. lots of good tips and tricks
  6. Thanks guys! I will practice:)

  7. I have a question, because one day a friend of me told me that if you are a coin magician it's not good to practice the muscle pass.

    Your muscles could be injured.

    That's why I've never trained myself to do the muscle pass.

    Is it true ?
  8. Only if you do it wrong. Or too much.

    If you do ANYTHING too much, you can be injured.

    I wouldn't worry about it.

  9. Got another question, I can now get one and a half (sometimes more) feet sideways (only five inches straight up at best) but was wondering, when should I give my hand a break? It is pretty sore in one spot, but not TOO bad. I'm also practicing with my left hand.

  10. I think switching hands when you get sore is the best bet. Then let it rest for the rest of the day, and you should be fine.

    A good practice tip for the muscle pass- practice with the back of your hand touching the table. No cheating by lifting or levering at the wrist. Now see how high it goes (or doesn't go).

    This will help make your pass stronger, and stop you from "helping" the coin by tossing it up. That just totally ruins the illusion.

  11. Thanks man, I'll try that:) And I already am using my left hand (just started today).

  12. You should look into Shoot Ogawa's DVD on the muscle pass. He has a pretty good training exercise that you can do to improve your muscle pass.
  13. Just wanted to add my thoughts on the matter, maybe it'll be inspiring to you.

    A coin flying straight up, that's a pretty cool thing, it can look very magical if done correctly, but please remember that after you've performed it, you have given away the fact your audience that you can make a coin leap, on your command. That gives you a great control over the coin and you could make it fly between your hands whenever you want to, in your spectators minds.

    Now the funny part is, you actually can! The muscle pass is a great tool, and definitely worth to practice and develop, but then again, it's a great tool, and I don't think you should ever show that tool to your audience, the same way that you should never show them that you actually can classic palm a coin.

    I remember Chris Kenner at some point during an interview say that Homer Liwags coin magic would always fool him because he would always forget that he can use muscle pass. Since he had never done the move as a trick before, only as a tool.

    I guess this comes down to the philosophical question: Are the spectators really that simple-minded as we sometimes may think they are?
    It's your job to interpret that question and make your own theories about it.
  14. That's true, interesting thoughts.

  15. Sorry for bringing this back up guys, but today I was practicing the muscle pass (I always do:)) and I got a blister. Two actually. Well...I couldn't resist still practicing, and they popped. Now I can't really practice the muscle pass with my right hand (hurts too much, and I want it to heal fast) so I've been practicing with my left. To get to the point, I was wondering if any of you guys had this happen to you when you were practicing the muscle pass. What did you do? How long does a blister usually take to heal? Thanks guys.


  16. Well I have a callous on my hand from doing the muscle pass. I've had times (like yesterday) where the rubbing was getting painful. So I stopped to prevent a blister like you have now. The next day my hand is ready to go. I would just becareful to not overdue it or you will end up with blisters. Eventually, like anything, you hand will adjust and you won't have problems with the blisters.

    As for caring for the blister, I would put neosporen on it and let it heal for a week or some. Hope this helps.
  17. Popped blisters on your hand? If anyone asks, you got cut in a bar fight.

    I've heard a lot of stories about people getting bleeding wounds due to intensive muscle pass training. Now if they got blisters and popped them, I wouldn't know, and it never happened to me since I've never found a proper place for muscle pass in my repetoire.

    What I do know is that a blister usually heals within 1-3 days, and you'd be better off leaving it alone until then, no matter how frustrating it might be. Trust me, it will do you good both physically and mentally to give it a rest for awhile.
  18. I'll do that. Wasn't planning on doing the muscle pass when it hadn't healed yet:) At least I have my left hand to practice with now.
  19. I'll try that out. Thanks!

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