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  1. This is my ACR. I know the card handling wasn't very flow in some parts, but i think the routine was alright. Does anybody have any suggestions? Critisism? Comments? Was my pass ok?

  2. Care to post a link?
  3. don't do what you did from 0:22 To 0:24 (It's Cheesy)

    Work on the double lift

    Shove the card in front, not in back (unless you are doing a Marlo tilt somewhere in your routine

    You flashed on your Tenki palm.

    I liked the pass but not 3 times though.

    Add a lot more variety to your routine!!!
  4. You're not doing too bad but you've certainly got a lot of work to do.

    I'm going to be completely honest with you about this, the double lift was beyond awful, where the hell did you learn it? you were bending the cards, pushing them apart, using a really weird grip etc. I'd advise buying a book or DVD in which the double lift is taught properly.

    Your pass needs a lot work, you're approaching it in completely the wrong way. You use a massive up and down action to try and cover it, this is a VERY bad thing to do. You may be concealing the pass itself (although in this video you don't really manage to do this) however your audience will immediately realise that you've done something, it doesn't matter if they don't know what, as soon as they suspect you've done a sleight it's no longer magic.

    How does the Tenkai vanish tie in with an acr? You performed it quite well but there was no reason for it to be there.

    The version of the Snap Change is pointless, as soon as your performing for more than 2 people it won't work.

    You should also learn to shuffle properly, the overhand shuffle you do just looks really weird.

    You're on the right track but you've got a lot of work to do, you need to get a beginner DVD or book and work through it and get the basics down properly before attempting to do more advanced moves such as the pass.
  5. ok... i'll work on the double lift i didn't realize it was that bad

    The up motion in the pass was really supposed to be just a magicall motion like waving a wand... It jumps up so i jump my hand up... so idk why that's bad..

    The overhand shuffle was a false shuffle to prepare for the snap change which i do perform for people.

    Next time i'll only do the pass twice i see why that's not good.

    So thanks for the critisism
  6. NO! do the pass once!
  7. The double was awful, I agree. I could clearly see that you had two cards there because of the way you went about lifting it up.

    I don't like the pass being done 3 times and I think the "magical motion" takes away from the routine instead of adding to it.

    I'm really confused as to why the tenkai palm was even used in this routine?

    Your overhand shuffle doesn't seem natural, I could tell right off the bat that it was a false but that's beside the point, it does look odd and out of place.

    I agree with Squirrel - It all sounds harsh but it's truly meant to be constructive. I would suggest looking into more of the basics for card magic before moving along.
  8. Find a better way to get breaks an really work on it. Refine every movement you make (even the ones that aren't sleights) to achieve a smooth streamlined display of the cards. I suggest you really hunker down and go over everything you do and ask yourself "does this add to the effectiveness of this routine?"

    Good luck with everything. Hope to see it after you've worked on it more.
  9. i bet the reason why you froze the video is because you dropped the card.


    3 Passess isnt really spectacular. gives the spectator a chance to see how you 'did' the move. You flashed on your double, the tenkai was horrible. Cool snap change- horrible clean up. Not bashing you, its good, its good. just a few adjustments and whatnot.
  10. The reason why that magical motion is bad is because it looks suspious, you don't want the spectator to be suspious then that will take away from the magic.

    The pass should be done only once maybe twice but after that it gets dull and boring.

    Also the shuffles are unnessary, its an ACR the point of it is the selected control impossibly jumping to the top of the deck without any means of manipulation.
  11. Constructive tips:

    -Double lift was pretty bad. Instead of getting a flesh break, use a pinky break next time. Or just use a breakless DL.
    -Too many passes for the same phase (face up).
    -Throw in some variety. Like the popup move.
    -Why do the tenkai vanish and the snap change? Ask yourself if they contribute to the plot at all...that is, if you have a plot.
    -End it with a kicker ending...either the popup move, or do a card to impossible location.
  12. ok the tenkai was a bit random

    and lol yes i did drop the card at the end give me a break haha

    ok so i think that's good, i'm getting the same comments so it would be nice if the stuff wasn't repeated agian. I'm removing the video anyways

  13. whatever happened to shuffling it (which obviously would be a false shuffle) and doing a revalation?

    pardon, but you can do ACR's in more than one way. its not a set routine to be followed. Design your own.
  14. It's not a set routine however there are certain factors which add or subtract from it's effectiveness regardless of how it's being performed. The principle of an ACR is that the card is in the centre then instantly appears back on top with no apparent manipulation of the deck. As soon as you start shuffling or cutting this impossibility is immediately lost, any spectator with a brain will realise you shuffled it to the top, especially when you repeat it.

    This obviously doesn't apply to all routines as there's usually a significant amount of time between the selection being returned and the revelation so the spectator will have trouble remembering what actually happened (most of the time they won't even bother trying) however this doesn't work too well for the ACR as the card is almost immediately revealed.

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