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Jan 31, 2010
"is a new era magician, illusionist, master of sleight of hand and simply a person, who performs things that a trully MAGICAL! "

I think you meant '...performs things that are truly MAGICAL!"
Jan 11, 2011
I like the design, very elegant. And I think that's great, that you made the inquire form so big and easy to spot. Also putting the clients and testimonials on the home page is a good idea in my opinion. All in all, very well done! You could just have someone to proof-read everything for you :)
Jan 3, 2008
Thank you :) I was most worried about the text, because I have not used any kind of professional translator services. Me and my friend just did all by ourselves. Sometimes, when you translate some phrases or thought, the result in another language might be not the same :)

Thank you one more time :) Good to know others opinion :)


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
I like it Tomas. Your pictures are VERY professional looking and its lets your future clients know that you truly are a professional. Well done!
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Great looking site Tomas. Clean code, good CSS, clean jQuery usage as well.

Looking through the code, and these are just my first impressions (and I know the first one will take a lot of re-customizing if you do it,), I see the width set to 1020px. I would have suggested around 960px width. Both the main content and the sidebar seem a bit too wide for the content. Generally 1020+ width content areas are used for 3 column layouts. Anyway, not a big deal at all, just a personal opinion - design wise.

Also, for the logo, looking at the solid black and white outlined letters in the middle of the logo... I was thinking it might possibly look more elegant (and thus more fitting with the entire theme), to instead of having the white outline of the T and M, have it solid white in the black background? and without rounded edges. The font for the "Tomas" and "Simkus" are crisp (no rounded edges), and seems that the center logo would be more fitting to also be void of rounded edges.

Lastly, the top media featured picture slider has really thick black borders, I would lower the width by a few pixels due to the extra wide content section, which would also compliment the very thin horizontal lines separating the menu and footer from the main content area.

Just my 2 cents.

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