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  1. wolverine sounds insanely cool. I'd love to see a demo of that!
  2. It really is fun to do. Ever since coming up with The Wolverine Formula I've left my stealth pen and uninspectible flap cards at home. No duplicates, no switches, the pen really penetrates the card or dollar bill and you can see thru the other side. It is their signed card and you can even peirce thru their signature and restore the hole with nothing extra hidden in your hands or ditched away. Video coming sometime next week
  3. Looks pretty cooool.
  4. whisper sounds devestating
  5. Here is a preview of Wolverine Formula:

    This was her first time to see this effect and real reactions...also the cropping in the 2nd video was due to my brother walking into frame with his shirt off and Im sure no one wants to see that site LOL
  6. ummm...the vanish used looks ALOT like Daniel Madison's half-vanish....
  7. wow, the wolverine formula is pretty awesome. Really like the effect.
  8. It does actually... Hmm. I dunno if you've shown the spec (Sarah I think you said?) Migration before, but her reaction was like a bear in hibernation :p Although, from what you said about Wolverine it sounds like she had seen it before?

    Nonetheless, the effect itself was quite impressive, the card appearance in particular looked quite nice.. Wolverine looks cool too :)
  9. Thanks for the comments Im glad you guys like these effects.

    The vanish of the card is Daniel Madison's half-vanish, it is not taught in the DVD, you just vanish the card any way you want to. I liked the half-vanish so I used it in the video.

    Also Praetoritevong,

    She had seen Migration before so that is the reason for her reaction being not overly amazing...but when done to lay people the reactions are way better, especially when the change happens. Always gets them!

    And wolverine formula she had never seen before, but its my girlfriend and she amazingly doesnt like magic, lol, maybe because I test out my effects on her, so none the less getting her to say cool the first time seeing it is a pretty good reaction. My favorite is when I healed the dollar bill and handed it to her she looked at it and said WOW that really is cool....
  10. Is the wolverine formula impromptu?
  11. No Diego neither version is completely impromptu...but very close

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