My Triumph Effect Re-Done

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by penguincdude, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I posted an effect I created earlier this year on You Tube and people gave me a lot of criticism for my performance of the effect so I said I would possibly re-post the trick once I practice it more. I stayed true to my word and you can watch it here. Also, if you want to see the old thread you can view that here.
  2. This looks A LOT like Daniel Madison's effect known as DeckNine which was temporarily included in his e-book Identity...I would know, because I've performed it many times.
  3. Not bad, but it looks like Cheek to Cheek but with face cards instead of the backs. Definately work on your breaks. I have some really good tips on how to make your breaks look invisible, if you wanna pm me. Nice job though. Just keep practicing till you can do it in your sleep flawlessly!
  4. Thanks. Yeah I noticed that you could really see my break. I'd love to see the tips.

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