Need Advice

Oct 28, 2007
yes! The trilogy is a great place to start. Some people say that it isn't because it might be too hard but i started with the trilogy and turned out just fine, hint of advice if you start with the trilogy then buy extreame beginners you might not like it, that is what happened to me.
Sep 17, 2007
Essentially it really depends on how deep you want to get into the game. Me, I wanted to work my way up from the basics so I started with basic card handling, i.e. charlier cut, sybil, swing cuts. You can get help for this from almost anywhere. Xtreme Beginnerz is decent but it focuses a lot more on single moves rather than flourishes, to which I believe you are looking at something closer to D&D types. For that, there's always Showoff, Generation Xtreme, The Trilogy, The System. The level of difficulty for each of these varies and its really hard to say which one will suit you best. The Trilogy and System are great but some flourishes can be a total pain in the ass to master. Showoff is simpler and ranges from basic to advanced, but the angles for learning aren't as good. That's my personal take though. Ultimately it depends on what you want. If you don't plan to buy a DVD or you can't make up your mind on what to get, there's some sweet flourishes all over the place. Just ask around.

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