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  1. Sory about putting crushed stock is on the top I was going to reply until I realized some body already did I forgot to erase it and about the marking system o think it would be a good way of marking the cards it doesn't have it could just be on the corner of the card instead of on the whole back (if you watched Thevideo to see how it works) it is your deck but I would give it a try
  2. It sort of seems like juicing the deck is something you would do for one deck and have that as the deck's only purpose. I want my deck to have a marking system as an optional side feature, and if I use that "juicing" system it'll be noticeable every time I use it. Tomorrow when I have free time I'll be working on a more seamless marking system that fits into the deck's design.
  3. Good i am very interested in this and sandwich immediately buying when this comes out I will be willing to help or just give my opinion if you need it
  4. They look great! In which application have you created it?
  5. I appreciate that, I'll be needing some more opinions tomorrow for sure
  6. Thanks! I created this design in Adobe Illustrator
  7. I'm not sure how to simply edit the discussion (If that's even possible) so I'm posting some updates here.
    CardFinal9.png CardFinal9Scarlett3.png
    CardFinalGoldHighlights2CRUDE.png CardFinal9GoldHighlights.png
    Made the borders thinner first, then experimented with a red variation (Kind of a dark scarlet color). Then I tried adding in some gold, which didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted, but I'm going through other variations currently to see if gold will fit in. Thanks for reading!
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  8. ooo you may want to change the colors. People may accuse you of copying the MINT deck (same color way, similar ish design from far away, thin borders, marked deck. The last picture's the resemblance to the limited edition Mint is super close.). Or even one of Daniel Madison's decks. Gold would be nice - as in instead of black maybe?
  9. Is the red color the same as the MINT deck?
    In any case, I really love that version - with the red color. That deck I would definitly buy.
  10. uhh, more or less. The mints have a white line design that make the color pop out more, and it is slightly different.

    Main problem though: They are working on a Mint 2 right now. They will add some new colors, but they might also keep the old ones.
  11. This deck was partially inspired by the mint deck but I do not intend to copy it. The red used was one I found after relatively thorough research into red color variations and is made to portray elegance and royalty. That being said I can see the resemblance but the designs are very different.
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  12. Added gold and changed the background color. I tried changing the background color to gold as you suggested but I really hate how it looks. Check out this instead PlayingCard9Green900ppi.png
  13. Not a problem - I see how the designs are different, the only problem was that someone at first glance would say its a copy of the mints. And the red would be perfect, but perhaps a slightly different shade than the one you posted above. A Crimson or brighter than Bicycle Red would be nice!
    I love your design! /the gold looks great, and it gives the deck a blueish tint, which I love!
  14. I'm glad you like it, it seems I might need to change it slightly though. Possibly adding some gold like the below picture and changing the back color to the dark red.
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  15. I'm happy it came out good, I'm going to be editing the red in a bit here
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  16. If you make it red and gold it would be fantastic, but I'm sure other colors will work too.
    Oh, and changing the color of the center dot in each of the designs may help.
    This deck looks great!
  17. CardFinalScarlett5.png CardFinalScarlett6.png
    Glad to hear it, here's the other two you suggested.
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  18. These designs just keep getting better and better...
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  19. Really like it, but what if you do this:
    For the black design, put a red dot, and for the red design put a blue one.
  20. Thanks! I'll try to keep that going

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