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  1. Haven't done the red one yet, trying to work on a file that I can just easily change the colors of without re-doing the pattern.
  2. Why not just open it in gimp and fill in the thing?
  3. Its sort of complicated, changing the background color is easy, just that changing the color of individual pieces is difficult as they must be separated to cut them off at the borders of the card. Also, I tried using blue or green as the colors of the dots for the red, but I'm not a huge fan of how it looks, it starts to be too many colors. CardFinalScarlett5BlueDots.png CardFinalScarlett5GreenDots.png
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  4. Totally understand. Been there done that..... at like 2 in the morning before my poster presentation is due. It sucks when the computer is being a douche.
  5. Computers can be remorseless. But here's some of what I've been working on
    GoldFlakesGoldHighlights.png GoldFlakesGoldLines.png GoldWhiteGrid.png WhiteFlakesGoldHighlights.png WhiteFlakesGoldLines.png WhiteFlakesWhiteLines.png
    Different variations, the 6th one is the standard final for comparison. I really wanted to see how I could add in highlights of gold without over-doing it.
  6. They remind me of 52Kards' MINT deck. I would definitely buy this deck.
  7. I love the 2nd and 4th ones
  8. I like your design! i recommend crushed stock with slightly smaller border than regular card borders. Which program did you use to make the design?
  9. It's great to hear I have an audience building. Maybe I'll post a teaser of some fashion on Youtube.
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  10. Thanks and I used Adobe Illustrator
  11. The 2nd one I think is too much gold for me. The 4th one I really like and will spend some time refining it, and the 6th (Original) one I'm debating. I definitely still want to include a colored version of the card (A dark red, green, or blue).
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  12. Is it possible for you to make a single post with all of the variations of the design you've made it would make comparisons a lot easier for me :) Clicking between pages of a thread is fine, but it's hard to make comparisons in that way.
  13. I loved the green one a lot(by far my favorite)
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  14. CardFinal9.png GoldFlakesGoldLines.png GoldFlakesGoldHighlights.png WhiteFlakesGoldHighlights.png CardFinalScarlett5.png CardFinalScarlett6.png PlayingCard9Green900ppi.png PlayingCard9BlueWithWhiteLines.png

    Here's all of the ones I posted that I'm still considering, plus a new presidential blue idea ^^
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  15. Corners need to be rounded, like this.

    I see you updated the image, nevermind.

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  16. I've gotta say, I really love the red and green ones. For the green deck, is the subtle nod to Erdnase intentional?
  17. If you print with USPCC you will have to buy several thousand at a time.
  18. Couldn't he print with MPC for a couple prototypes, and then do a kickstarter to print with USPCC or EPCC? He could also use those ad cards put into every USPCC deck, but chances are he threw them away like the rest of us :D
  19. Yes, I was just about to recommend he make a couple of prototypes with MPC. That is what most people taking their deck to kickstarter do.
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  20. Hi, I joined up to these forums just so I could leave a comment relating to this card design.

    The design looks awesome by the way!

    I think your design would suit a colour scheme with a slightly darker than mid range blue for the background with all the detailing done in a very light blue - just a smidge darker than a baby blue.

    But I think with this colour scheme it would be best kept to only the two colours - no additional gold etc.

    Anyways, I will keep tabs on this post as I would buy some of these if they are printed on good card stock.

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