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  1. I have tried to make a trick.But there is one problem I am finally stuck on two cards out of which only one card is correct.How to reveal in such case when you are able to reduce whole deck into two cards.
  2. "I'm going to take one of these cards in my hand. What is your card?"

    If they say the name of the card in your hand, turn it over and smile.

    If they say the name of the card on the table, gesture to that card and say, "there is one card left, show the audience your card."
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  3. Thanku sir, I have also thought of using following methods to reveal the cards.
    1. Out of sight, out of mind by Dai Vernon- his method in revealing the cards at the last.


    2. I will keep one card at top and other at bottom of the deck.
    3. One card at top of the deck and other reversed in the middle.

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  4. Can you recommend some good method to reveal the cards. It gets very boring that after I force a card still use same cliche dialogue to reveal the cards.
  5. To be honest, learn different effects. Forcing a card and revealing it can only take you so far.

    There is a lot of great stuff in Scarne on Card Tricks -- Tricks I learned when I first started magic and still perform today. They are self working but are still great. Royal Road to Card Magic also has great stuff in it. Expand your horizons.
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  6. Thanku sir , I have noted the books mentioned by you.
    There is one more doubt from my side. Many time spectator ask to repeat the trick.
    So are there any tricks which can be done N numbero time without reducing its powerful effect or exposing the technique of the trick.
  7. Once is entertainment, twice is education.

    Spectator: "Do that again."

    Magician: "I could, but let me show you something better."

    Remember, you are in control of your audience, not the other way around.
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  8. You can offer to teach them the same trick, but end up doing something entirely different, with the deck in their hands.

    However, there are infinite tricks which can be repeated, depending on how you structure them. The ACR is of course one, but there are several effects which haven't been done a million times by people. It's easy to create them once you, as @RealityOne mentioned, expanded your horizons.

    What I always do however, when asked to repeat a trick, is to do another different trick which starts out the same.
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