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Should I get the Tally-Ho Viper deck?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I need to know about the Tally-Ho Viper deck before I buy them, if you have them, or have heard things about them, please tell me. I need to make sure that they are worth it before i DO buy them.
  2. well...
    i think that u should consider this
    do u really need custom decks??

    if u do,and if u really like the design and all that
    BUY em
    if dont
    why bother?

    i have this deck
    and ive been playing this has that same feel with the original tallys
  3. i'd buy em cause it looks cool. i dont need em, but it'll be nice to have em.

    Least im not one of those people that go after Jerry's thinking that it'll make em flourish better.
  4. If you have any other ellusionist decks, the finish is exactly the same as those.
    The finish is completely different to normal USPCC Tally Ho decks.

    Vipers have very thick stock, whereas regular Tally Hos are thinner and feel smoother. Viper fan backs have all silver pips, circle backs had red and silver pips.

    I wouldn't recomend using these for magic because black decks tend to cause very big suspicion, like your audience thinks that you're cheating them because you aren't using a normal deck of card.

    For flourishing, they are very nice and last a long time, although keep in mind the finish is totally different to normal Tallys.
    But think- you can get 1 viper deck for around $8, but nearly four for around the same price.
    Also keep in mind, don't just get custom decks just because you feel you have to, although again, the finish is nice (UV500 Airflow finish).

    Hope this helps

  5. I don't like black decks when they get worn in and start to get white around the edges. They look ugly to me.
  6. Vipers are the only Ellusionist black deck I wouldn't recommend. I find that the black ink on them chip a LOT more and a LOT sooner than the others. If you wanna go black deck, I'd say go with a different one.
    Tigers are the same stock and finish. Black Ghosts are a bit thinner. Shadow Masters are thicker.
  7. I have them and they do look and feel pretty nice. :) However, because of my style, I wouldn't perform with them. You may be different. If you do XCM, you owe it to yourself to pick up one or more of these. I don't learn any new XCM and I only focus on my magic, so I don't really have any want for Vipers. They are nice cards though.

  8. Alright, here is some of my thoughts and experiences with this deck.

    For magic they are probably the worst deck you can use. They create alot of suspicion and the make double and triple lifts WAY to obvious because of the thickness.

    I own all of the Ellusionist decks except series 1800 and regular masters. I've noticed that all the black decks (only the ghost deck doesn't do this) clump up alot after use. If I use my Vipers for a day, they won't fan at the end of the day. The finish on them is not as good as regular Tally Ho except for the first five minutes right out of the box.

    The do get chippped whit edges which make the cards uglier than they already are. I got circle backs and they are really boring to look at unless you do a pirouette.

    They hold togeather ok espically because the get clumped after a while. However, I wouldn't reccomend fro flourishing because they are so bulky, theyare hard to grip. I found Dan and Dave's "Mecka" very hard with this deck.

    One last thing- cost way to much! After shipping I think mine came out to be almost 13-14$ for just this deck.

    If you need any good info (espically from an XCM standpoint) check out ReviewXCM on youtube. He reviewed all the E decks.
  9. Only reason to buy them is if you like how they look. And we can't decide that for you.
  10. Buy shadow master instead, it's better

    I only buy vipers for collections
  11. Shadows suck!

    Yes, they do, atleast thats my opinion. Theyr colour just wairs off and they become somewhat white. When vipers fade only on the sides.

    I have had 1 pack of vipers for 2 years and they still fan, they still are fun to play around with. Those are in my opinion the best E cards ever!

    So if you have a chance pick them up.

  12. well, so far, every response has been completely biased and subjective.

    just get one, try it out, and decide.
  13. May be for you, but it really depends on the magi ability to pull it off. I have used black vipers for alot of street magic and no one has ever suspected them of being trick cards. At the end of the day they do fan great may be it's your fanning, but I do agree they do bulk up after you use them alot and the black does chip. These babies are expensive, but that is E for you, all their decks are expensive. If you were to use these I suggest only use them for special occasions due their price and not to just play aroung with them, try buying one.
  14. Somehow I ended up with 24 decks of these. For the most part, I really like them. They look really nice, and handle the same. However, to me it seems like finish they used made the cards have an almost "greasy" feel, although it does go away after a while.

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