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  1. Hey...
    I never really knew that Neil Patrick Harris performed magic...
    I watched How I Met Your Mother but thought his magic in that was just a thing for the show...
    and hes not bad actually... hes decent...
    I found it to be quite a pleasant surprise...
  2. Yeah, he's also on the board of directors for the Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle too.

    Ran into him a few times there. He's a nice guy.
  3. yeah i found out recently he was a fellow magician. quite suprising actually lol.

  4. Board of directors for the Magic Castle and the Academy of Magical Arts?
    dayum... is he that good? or does he just get the cred of a celeb?
    I was also wondering about the guy in Seinfeld. Hows that guy?
  5. Dunno, but Ed Alonzo had a character on "Saved By The Bell" back in the early 90's.
  6. I was reading an article (I think in Time or Newsweek) that said that he did magic! (Also that he was gay, which I never knew, but hey, whatever.) So yeah, woo! NPH! (Loved him in Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog.) I wonder if there are any other celebrities that do magic that we are unaware of? To google!
  7. Jason Alexander also does magic. He has a DVD of some sort. I've seen it at Morrisey's...

    But NPH is awesome. I'm a huge HIMYM fan and he talks about it quite a lot on the DVD commentaries... also, check youtube clips of him on Ellen.
  8. Yeah, he's on a Reel Magic DVD, but I don't know in what capacity... Is that what you're referring to? (the spinning DVD rack near the front?)
  9. From NPH's Wikipedia entry:

    Harris is a fan of magic, and is a magician himself like his character on How I Met Your Mother. He serves on the Board of Directors of Hollywood's Magic Castle. Harris won the Tannen's Magic Louis Award in 2006 and hosted the 2008 World Magic Awards on October 11, 2008. Additionally, Harris was the celebrity guest of honor for Top Chef Masters, which took place at the Magic Castle.
  10. Decent is an understatement, sir. NPH is an amazing magician. It's a shame we don't see to much of it because of his acting. I remember teaching myself the coin roll because I saw him do it on Doogie Howser many years ago.
  11. Neil Patrick Harris is a great magician. He's also the only gay celebrity that hasnt been dumped on by the public. Now that's magic.
  12. the ONLY gay celebrity that hasn't been dumped on? I beg to differ but this is getting off topic.
  13. Well that's what this article in Newsweek magazine said. Ok, lets get back on topic.
  14. The greatest things about NPH is that he keeps it simple, let's hispersonality show clearly in everything that he does, and makes it hilariously entertaining. NPH is the man.
  15. Woody allen for one.
  16. woody allen does magic? woah.

  17. Just makes me Love NPH MORE!!!!!! A crazy man crush lol jking! but i did cry a little in Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo bay.
  18. Orsen Welles was into Mentalism back in the 70's and 80's. Tho from what my sources have told me. He was a royal pain in the ass to work with and was pretty bland and boring. Apparently he also bored the crap out of Johnny Carson (who was also magician before he was a talk show host.) that he got black listed from appearing on the show for awhile.

    Sam Raimi was also a magician as well.

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