New Custom T-Shirt Idea!

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May 24, 2008
looks like theres a pshop brush in there

photoshop brushes like that really suck at being printed

when making a design to be printed, and not for the web, when you make a new project on photoshop, make it the size you want, when i do shirts i usually just go with 8 by 11, like a normal piece of paper, and 300 dpi, or dots per inch

72 is for the web or computer, anything thats printed needs to be 300 dpi or more

Hey, thanks for the tip and yeah i feel it does to.. im going to play around with it some more tonight.. , and no i didnt realize that this is the same idea, but it doesnt suprise me.. alot of effects have already been thought of...but i looked at that and yeah its nice.. but that is pretty expensive.. i want this to be somehting pretty simple for a normal t-shirt price
Sep 1, 2007
Thats cool, I like the design. I made some shirts of my own (not magic related) in the last few months and I'm just wondering, what company would you use to get them printed. I did a brief search online and all I came up with was companies that just custom print like one shirt and charge 35 bucks. Anyone know any place to print a lot of shirts or anything?
May 16, 2008

There are tons, depending on your requirements. Just google 'sell custom shirts' and you'll find a lot. I looked into this a while back and I remember having trouble finding one that would print down the side like the design on the front page shows, but there were a few.

Also, local printing companies are an excellent option, however you'll have to deal with opening an online store and all yourself.
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