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New to ITR. Hopefully for some advice.

Apr 2, 2017
Hello Friends,

mad the title says I’m new to ITR as well as most IT related things. I’m asking for some resources, ideas, routines, people to check out, ect...

I just got gifted a SPP from a friend and I have no idea how begin with the device.

I’m a coin guy and not much into cards so IT has always been interesting to me. I do a lot of closeup and strolling. Not sure where or how to use IT.

anyway any advice would be awesome! I have no books or videos on IT so recommendations would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

Hey Ned! I don't work with ITRs as much as I used to anymore but hopefully I can direct you to some useful resources. I have also never worked with the Spider Pen Pro... but as far as I know (and please do correct em if I'm wrong) it's essentially an ITR with an added locking mechanism and is hidden in plain sight. So it should do everything a standard old-school ITR does.

We can start with my most performed ITR routine as I found it has always been the most practical in professional close-up environments - the levitating coin & ring spins, otherwise known as Centrifugal by Magic Balay or Oblivion by Tom Wright... and many many other versions and teachings exist out there. Both DVDs go in depth on how to set up your hook-up, how to properly manage your ITR, and I think are great starting points for a mind-blowing piece of levitation magic.

For more professional and serious work with thread... look into Legacy by Finn Jon. It is $150 dollars, but if you're going to learn thread work from anyone and take it seriously you might as well learn from Mister Jon himself. You'll find thread work, smoke work, bubble magic, stage, close-up, impromptu, it's all out there.

If that's a little too expensive, look into Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Thread Miracles DVD Set. Yes... it's old-school... but Michael is one of the best teachers, and you will find a great handful of thread routines involving loops, general thread work, and ITRs on this DVD set.

For something more modern, perhaps buy the newest DVD series Venom... yes it's a different gimmick but after I watched that DVD I was inspired to use my old reels in more innovative fashions.

I hope these help.
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