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Dec 27, 2019
Hello There,

I have a few quick questions about the Notorious B.I.G deck.
1. Is the MFG time related to something about Biggie or the printing of the deck?
2. I originally got the impression that this was going to be a limited deck, but I read that it was going to be refilled in 2023. Will that release be differentiated in any way from this release? Personally, I like it when first and subsequent releases are clearly different for resale value. Especially on a $20 deck.
3. By the lack of pictures of the courts, I have to assume they are bicycle standard. Is that accurate, or is there some customization to the courts?
4. Is there any metallic foil on the faces of the cards?

Thank you,

- Paul


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Jul 23, 2007
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1. Everything means something with this deck! Lyric reference for that here (note, explicit language).
2. Yes, there will be some distinct identifier(s) to denote the second edition printing versus first.
3. All custom courts! Lots of pics on the page here!
4. Just the backs - but it's got plenty of bling!
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