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  1. If you want to have a normal ring that fits your finger for everyday wear, then go with the the size of your finger. If you are not going to wear that ring normally every day and just want the ring for the effect and want to perform the effect slightly easier, then 1 size larger should help out. I don't wear rings normally so I use a gimmick that is larger than my normal ring size. Hope this helps! It's just personal preference.
  2. Just get the size that will fit over all of your fingers.
  3. Thanks guys
    Is is going to really help me out
  4. It's very easy to learn, just make sure you'll get a size bigger than your actual ring finger size, because the gimmick is a bit more thight than the regular ring that you will get as well + most of the time you'll wear the gimmick on your index or middle finger ;)

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