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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. thank you now i understand
  2. I'd love a non gaffed card through card penetration, like Slam! but with cards.

  3. As much as I love card and coin magic. I would really like to expand into other magic. Something modern! Like cell phones, ipod, tvs, radios, it can be even as simple as a shoe!!!
    But of course the hard part about this is, whatever object ipod, cell phone, etc, should be able to be borrowed. I know probably makes it hard, but it would be a killer effect!
  4. ide like to see a 4 ace routine. couse there are like 5 ace production 1on1s, but every time i do one i realize that i have nothing to do with them:D
  5. Maybe you should go out and have a look for some four ace routines rather than wait for T11 to release one :p

    Hey guys, this goes for everyone, as a heads up:

    If you really want something - here's an idea, why don't you try going out and look for it yourselves instead of waiting for T11 to do it for you, and then complaining when it's not something you want/can use? Of course it will always be nice to purchase T11 1-on-1s that suit you, and this thread is a good idea for them to get ideas from. I'm just saying, T11 isn't your last hope for learning many of these things. If you really want to learn - go do some research yourself, don't wait for x amount of weeks and hope that T11 hands it to you on a HD-decorated platter.

    Nothing against 1-on-1s or anything like like. But if you really want it - just sayin'...
  6. *Clap clap clap* more wisdom.

    And quit whining and complaining every time a 1-on-1 doesn't come out! Are you people eight years old? T11 doesn't have to put these things out you know, and you aren't going to die if you have to wait a week or so!
  7. Retention Vanish by Chris Kenner, maybe McKenzie, but I would LOVE to see Homer Liwag do one.
  8. Coin 101

    This thread should be stickied
  9. Not to be a TEMBPP (totally extreme meanie-butt party pooper), but how is this official?
  10. Read the first post. Btw can someone please sticky this
  11. I want trick that involves nothing but your hands. Eg, stuff like disjointed, control.
    That's the best magic right there.
  12. I wonder what today's 1on1 will be about. I hope it's something from Chris Kenner.
  13. My Prediction:

  14. Way to bump your own thread!
  15. LOL. It's not a competition bro. It's not personal, and this thread won't make you any more popular or elevate your imaginary status >.>

    BRodgers certainly has some nice predictions...
  16. It just annoys me that he has the gall to call his own thread the real thread, and then when I point out that my thread has a different purpose than his he immediately takes his thread off topic so that he can "steal my thunder". I really don't care about the thread, in fact I posted in this one, but he is being a total jack!
  17. lol he just wants to seem important. Or something. Cause starting threads with "Official" in the title and spamming to make a high post count make you important.

    Or something.
  18. I already know this effect myself but I think others would really like seeing it. The jumping gemini.

    Dylan P.
  19. Guys,

    No worries. We generally don't give out any cool stickers for forum threads. ;)

    No sense in turning this into a competition. Let's keep things positive.
  20. Damn, you have cool stickers.
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