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  1. All,

    Great week. As most of you watched earlier this week, Wayne & I teamed up the SNC last Saturday revolving around making a card-cake for the birthday of yours truly. This week we wanted to switch things up and do something a little more serious, but still reflective of and requiring creativity.

    The challenge is fairly simple in concept. I could explain it in words, but the video makes it more clear:

    After you've seen the video, you may have some questions. The pictures may be Photoshopped, but we're not looking for crazy colors or for you to show off your gradient making skills. The more pure the picture, the better. Feel free to adjust the colors (or de-saturate), feel free to alter the brightness/contrast, etc. Shoot in a cool setting-- outside, inside in a cool-lookin' area, etc. Just don't go overboard on the Photoshopping, as we'd like your creativity to be shown in what's IN the picture-- not what's done to it.

    As stated in the video, the only ground rules are that the pictures should be reflective of what theory11 represents-- and include an '11' somehow incorporated in the picture. This could be an 11 (or ELEVEN) written on your arm, hand, in an object in the background, etc. The more creative, the better.

    The best picture submitted tonight will receive an Uncut Sheet of Bicycle Guardians and a mystery prize by Daniel Garcia, but mostly all valid (acceptable) pictures will be posted in the new site section once completed.

    Go for it. We'll be taking more and more submissions for this new area in the weeks to come, with the goal being to build a section that displays a representation of theory11 members all over the map. Feel free to incorporate your own style into the picture-- although most should be at least relatively serious. Show your style as a performer; show your style as a person.

    Images should be posted in response to this forum thread, and may be uploaded to Imageshack (, Photobucket (, or Flickr ( In order to qualify for the prize tonight, your picture must be submitted to this forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST.

    Good luck to all!
  2. I can't believe you put Wayne's number in the video...he's gonna have to change it now with all these calls!!! I actually just called it, and it went to his voicemail. Still LMAO!!!! :p

    This is a cool contest...I'm game. Are you?! *said in best Lee Asher impression*

  3. Wow your videos make my day.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to compete in tonight's SNC since I have some birthday festivities of my own with the family thus is why the following mathematical calculation is relevant:

    Family+My Birthday+Food+Gift Opening+UFC81= I missed the SNC.

    I am excited for this new section of the site, and will submit to it in the future. Sounds very interesting.

    Have fun, and good luck,

    P.S. Bayme, is that number legit I don't want something like "Men's Local Hot Chat Line" on my phone bill.
  4. ^ That just gave all the skeptical people the courage to call him. Run for the hills Wayne!!!!
  5. Sick yo! I'll try to participate!
  6. Happy birthday :)

    My birthday is tomorrow...but I highly doubt ANYONE will remember it...not even my family ...which sucks.
  7. Oh, my post was in response to Steve's post. I might see what I can do tonight but, living in rural Indiana, not much in the way of "art" that I could take pictures of. I'll think of something I'm sure. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I was fairly certain you all would post a contest like this sometime.

    Now for the hard part...

    Would this secret section happen to be The Wire?
  9. Can we sumbit more then 1 picture?
  10. Thanks to Final Cut Pro's auto-leveling feature, the bleeps didn't work over the number in the video that is in no way Wayne's... not at all.. even a little bit. Fixing and re-uploading now!
  11. Actually mine is tomorrow as well, if you check the Calendar You, myself, and another member named TheWiseClown are born on the same day.

    Anyways getting back on topic, once again good luck and let's hope that the video is properly edited this time ;).

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  13. Uh... I'll say the web-cam quality represents the visual communication of the T11 community...? Yeah, that'll do. ^_^



  14. Here you go....I had to break into my local school and do this on their blackboard before getting caught...

    J/K. Being a teacher means I have to have a blackboard at home.....right?

    P.S. I HATE LINES...even if it's for fun.
    P.P.S. Hi Katie :)

    -- Edit: --

    BOOOOOOOO :( There is supposed to be an "11" in dust in the background....I used the eraser to do it, but I guess it doesn't show up with all the writing over it :(

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  15. question

    To enter my pics, do i just post it under replies or is posting a responce and a replie different
  16. There's no explicit rule limiting to one submission, but I would say a maximum of three per member tonight, at max. Pictures should be (mostly) serious-- representative of your own style but also representative of the site, as these will eventually be combined together with pictures from members around the world to show a collage of theory11 members. The cooler the picture, the better. The picture used in the video-- JoeCarr14-- is a flawless example.
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  18. Yo, does the picture have to be me, or can it be someone else? Like if I didn't want to use my arm(weird example), could I use one from the Internet?
  19. Jon,

    Where is this 'Austrian' Outback?


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