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  1. Well, it's that time of year again....

    Pictures of cards in snow!


    I used these cards because they looked nice in the snow. I know you'll appreciate that they are ruined now.
  2. Holiday Picture with my Guardian Deck. Hope you guys like it.

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    No cards here, but should have some more soon.

    fire in snow.jpg

    winter scene.jpg

    dead coyote.jpg -found this waaay out here:

    forest panorama.jpg
  4. 125s and Arcanes

    125 b.jpg
    125 c.jpg
    arcane black.jpg
    arcane black 2.jpg
    arcane white.jpg
    arcane white 2.jpg
  5. zeedub has anybody ever told you your a genius?
  6. here are some of mine...

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  7. @S.G
    Sure bro, what would like to see? Check here for more of my pictures (most aren't card related though):

    Thanks again man

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