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  1. Took this awhile back, decided to put it up just...For the sake of putting it up. :p

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  2. here are some photos I took a couple days ago

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  3. small spring is small. heh heh
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    This isn't 4chan, stop trolling will you.

    Nice photo's Zeedub, I like them.
  5. its just an observation.. ;)
  6. "That would be obvious"

    -Captain Obvious
  7. IMG_037k.jpg




    Some random things. Small spring is small.
  8. here are some more photos!

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  9. Just a few pics a screwed around with out of boredom. They're kinda big.

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  10. Took these a few days ago, I quite like them:

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  11. GREAT photo's - very professional and classy.
  12. Thanks!:D:D
  13. It's not cards, but it's what I do, and it has 11 in it.

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  14. A bit blurry but awesome dude!!!!!!

  15. A few pictures I edited. I think they turned out pretty nice. Might print the eye out someday and use for a reveal...:D Lacking a printer though. Oh well. :D


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  16. here are some recent photos I have taken. The first 3 are springs that I have done, and the last one was me up on stage.

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