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  1. Here's my submission. I hope it's okay to use someone else in the picture, because I used my girlfriends eye. (lol) Anyway, here's the first on.

    (my girlfriends eye)

    (picture of me, kind of the same idea as the first picture)

    Well, that's it for me. I have one other submission but I decided not to submit it because it's losery. Yeah, I said losery. Anyway, good luck to everyone submitting pictures! I can't wait to see all the creativity! Peace!

  2. Ok here is one....i thought was a cool idea!

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

  3. Grrr... I thought of that too. :mad: Anyways, here's mine:


    Don't accuse me of copying Tyler, great minds think alike. ;)
  4. Hope this works..thought was cool!

  5. not fair! you edited yours.......
  6. No, I'm not gonna accuse you. :) I'm nice! WHOO! :D Great minds do think alike. It's true. All the people that do not follow our format are not great minds! Kiddin'.

    J.B. said we could photoshop. :)

  7. heres mine! it's hard to see...but it says 'Theory 11'

  8. Oh my Gosh! It's David Blaine!
    What the EFF?!
    He read the sign...
    11?! WHAT THE EFF?!
    haha I liked this one, but a few things were in my way.
    1.) I am too young to buy a beard
    2.) I cannot afford a sibling
    3.) I'm asian... I can't open my eyes as wide as David Blaine hahaha
    I love this ahaha
  9. Post 2 for me

    Here we go...spent the past half hour trying to get both hands into this position.

    Doing this kind of photo ALONE is REALLLLLLLLLY hard.

    Good luck to everyone tonight :)

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  10. here are mine

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  11. When i made took a LONG while to make!

  12. Does it have to be a picture? Or can it be a video?


    An hour and a half left to go!!
  13. I can see T11 on the computer in the background lol.
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    This sounds fun, my picture will probably show the giant snow we had piled up at our mall, CO pride!
  15. Here's mine:

    They are not my feet. I am not so good with images, but I am handy with cards!;) My picture has hidden "11s" in it. Also, all of the artists are saying something good about it.


    My initials are JP so I put them in Wayne Houchin style.


    P.S. When you open the link, click on the picture to make it more clear.
  16. saturday night contest



    yes that is my brother he is sleeping
  17. Well...

    I wanna play too... So on a whim... This is what happened.


    Have fun you guys!!!!!

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