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one handed cuts

May 17, 2011
Hey there, so as.....none of you know (I'm new so there's no way for you to) I'm a strait-up coin magician.
now despite this, I us't to do more cards and love'd to flourish, now recently I've started cardistry again and I've been having a blast,things I love more than anything in the card art world, are one handed cuts, like kryptonite or just charliers but the thing is, with the exception of the L cut (which I am working on) I've pretty much master all of them. now I am going to try to make some up but until then would like it If you guy (and gals) could sugest me some that I may have miss'd, also, adding a link to a tutorial would be nice.

here is a list of the ones I already know:
charlier cut
thumb cut
revolution cut
scissor cut
triangle cut
triangle cut, with a twist (triangle+revolution cut)
square cut (like the triangle cut but with four sides...........obviously)
prism cut (square cut with a card across the diagonal)
L cut (sorta, but still working on that)
kryptonite (more of a routine but still a cut)

I think thats all so If you know more I would really appreciated you posting and if there was a tutorial that would be even better.
May 4, 2011
Twirl Cut (the top packet is spun vertically on top of the bottom packet before going underneath)
Pincer Cut (some weird cut where the top packet is pulled away from you using two fingers)
Flip-Flop Cut (basically two half twirl cuts at the same time...looks really nice)
Roll Cut (probably already know this, but top packet is flipped over, then flipped over again as it goes underneath)
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