Over-Hyped Anaconda Dribble

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  1. Any flourish can be learned just by watching a video of it. A lot of people learned Pandora from Kevin Ho's "Lunch wif Dan" video, but probably didn't learn it exactly correct.

    People learned from the pictures, which, as the Virts say, is a lot smaller than what is taught on the DVD. I learned it by watching their videos, but I want the flourish to reach its maximum 'awesome' point, so I bought the DVD.

    Also, the DVD's don't just come with those two flourishes on them.


    And if you bought it within the first 4 days, both of them were $47 plus like $10 shipping.

    In conclusion, yes people have learned the Anaconda Dribble without the DVD. If you want to do the exact same flourish the correct way, buy the DVD. And NO, there are not just two flourishes on those DVD's. Try eleven if not more than that.

    With all due respect

  2. The DVD did mention one tiny thing that the tutorial posted on the HL forums did not. That tiny thing made a huge difference for me.
  3. Yeah, there are many subleties about the move you'll learn by watching the DVD.

    I'm getting sick of people saying "oh I'm not going to pay $50 for 2 moves that I can just learn by watching the videos". To me this is like backwards engineering a magic trick you didn't pay for, it's unethical to me. Why is it any different for flourishes? Also you're not getting just 2 moves, you're getting several, all of which are awesome.

  4. Why, are they in Youtube land? I Wow'ed at the Anaconda, but it didnt have the same impact as when i first saw Dan Perform his Pandora.
  5. Well that would be because you are what De'vo would call a "Kut-kiddie". Broaden you repetoire. 2 handed-cuts might have loads of little variations, but something so unique like the Anaconda really turns heads.
  6. Why, because its massive? i really dont understand why its that much a big of a deal. and 'Widen my repetoire' ? just because i prefer Dan's Pandora than the anaconda makes me inferior?

    Your rebuttal sucks ass. Give me your best shot.
  7. watch the trailer and it shows the grip. Nothing different except your index finger is extended and kept straight. I found the PDF version from De'vo on the HL forums. Very simple, I've been practicing for a few days and can do it from my nose to waist about and I'm 6ft tall.

    In spite of the first initial post, I agree. Looks impressive from all angles pretty much. But it's extremely over-hyped and a waste of money.

    So is the eye cute. the new preview for it is like a tutorial.

    What was it? Too not suck? I'm pretty sure myself, or anyone here can practice and have an anaconda just as big as someone who bought the DVD.
  8. I don't think anyone can disagree this DVD was hyped to death, but almost everything now-a-days in magic or in media is. And they do that because it works, and you can't say "NO IT NEVER HAS". Because, if you've ever seen a commcerical for a movie and then wanted to see that movie, hype has taken over your little consumer brain =p.

    One of the selling points for me though was that I knew there was going to be a bunch of extra moves taught asides from the actual Dribble itself. So, I wasn't buying this just because I thought I was going to be the best dribbler evar, I wanted some of Bones other work as well.

  9. It's obvious you haven't seen the DVD. We're not going to tell you what material on the DVD teaches, that would be exposure, just like telling you the method for a marketed illusion. Why do you not find reverse engineering a marketed flourish as unethical as reverse engineering a marketed illusion?

    I'm happy for you that you can do it from your nose to your waste, so happy that I can't wait for you to post a video showing your elite skills, since you're such a pro on the flourish in only a few days.

    Ok, so in your opinion the DVD is a waste of money. That's cute. I guess if I was poor, and had other things more important to purchase like food and clothing, I might find it to be a waste of money. Do you get paid an allowance or do you actually work for a living? I'm not bashing, I'm honestly curious as to why YOU consider it to be a waste of money. However, for those who are excited about the content, and want to support the artists, instead of just ripping them off by reverse engineering the Eye Cut from a preview video, and actually take an interest in learning the finer aspect of the Anaconda, Eye Cut, and other flourishes taught on the DVD, we'll gladly invest OUR money, and NOT find it a waste of money.

    You're probably right though, without the DVD, and with enough practice, going through all of the trial and error, you might eventually be able to master the Anaconda. For those of us who actually purchased the DVD, all of the guess work has been removed, so we should be able to master it much sooner, without the trial and error, while listening to an awesome soundtrack. There's much more to the Anaconda than what was shown in the Handlordz overview.

    P.S. No one told you that you HAD to purchase, there was a special event that you either CHOSE to attend or not. If you felt that the Anaconda was overhyped from the beginning, there is no reason you needed to attend WLD2009. There was much more to the event than just learning a few flourishes. There was a deeper message behind it.

    If you think the Anaconda is no big deal, then come up with something better. No really....that's the whole idea... can you be crazy enough to come up with your own "Anaconda"? Do you have a dream, a vision, a passion? Show us what you're made of.
  10. You're being a complete fanboy. its HIS descicion not to buy the DVD, as he deems it unnessacary, as he mentioned before- he can learn the cut itself without actually spending any money. Can you not comprehend that? please, Read and re-read this paragraph if you cannot, because you're not really posting anything of value in the thread except bringing up points that do make sense- but disregarding the previous posters'.

    To point out, you've merely mentioned two flourishes in that paragraph, and im aware that there are more in the said DVD's, but i dont seem to understand how Dan and Dave can get away with teaching 10 Flourishes which were quite impressive at the time *until everyone killed it.* as well as 20 classic flourishes for an added $60. Aint that the price of ONE dvd? by the virts/Bone?

    Please, dont BS by saying that "Its got the same caliber of content as that DVD has." Yeah, the reviews say that too. and im glad i didnt waste my money. If you didnt detect my sarcasm in this paragraph, by god, i dont understand how you're still here.

    oh right. enlighten me.

    You're making no sense. you do realise that Anaconda is Bone's move. So in essence, you're just *****ing around and copying his move, whilst kissing his ass and defending everything else under the sun. So what gives you the damn right to ask him 'what he's made of' when in reality, you have nothing to show for yourself.

    Lets have it.
  11. No-one wants to talk to the bloody spectator? Well, I guess that's just me then. It was a silly thought anyway.

    Incidentally - TKH, that was completely inappropriate. You don't have a clue about Sinful07, so don't bother judging him or anyone else. And quoting De'vo whilst branding someone else a fanboy? That's ironic. Go out and perform instead. And try talking to the spectator too. It works wonders for real performers.
  12. where you would find a room of 100 flourishers all performing at the same time is what i wanna know.
  13. A cardistry forum. Or Jerry Cestkowski's closet.
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    Why thanks for asking Sinful07, yes I CAN comprehend that. Stop cherry picking what I'm saying and taking it out of context. I don't mean to bash, but what aren't you comprehending? DID YOU NOT CATCH THE PART WHERE I SAID:

    "You're probably right though, without the DVD, and with enough practice, going through all of the trial and error, you might eventually be able to master the Anaconda."

    Enlighten yourself, it's clear you didn't take part in the WLD2009 event. You'd understand the message if you had. Read "Death to the Noobs"then maybe you'll understand what I was talking about.

    How am I ripping bone off? I bought the Eye Cut tutorial... You learning and performing the Eye Cut by reverse engineering it off of a preview without paying for it, is like reverse engineering an effect by Dan and Dave and using it.

    You've taken almost everything I said out of context. What gives me the right?? When I asked him to come up with something new and show us what he's made of, I was trying to convey the message of WLD2009, "the crazy ones", asking him how crazy he can be in the spirit of creativity. I was saying it in a fun, lighthearted way, saying that if Anaconda isn't his cup of tea, he could create his own "Anaconda". Please don't take part in a conversation when you don't even understand the material being discussed. I might not have anything to show for myself now, but that doesn't mean I won't in the future. Also, I'm not the one complaining about how easy the Anaconda is...
  15. hooray! conflict from the noobs!
  16. To point out- I did. And its basically a free PDF which 'psyches you up'. All your other points were irrelevant.

    You mean to say, Conflict of the Noobs, Noobs in conflict, or Conflicting noobs right? I Cringed.
  17. Forgive me for making coversation. I'm going to continue to make pointless, irrelevant posts (although I feel they are spot on).

    Apparently I'm talking to a wall because I'm not getting through to you. Death to the Noobs, which you seem to think just "Physches you up" contained the deeper meaning in which apparently you missed. I would suggest re-reading it because it really has very little to do with the Anaconda and more to do with improving your PMA (positive mental attitude). Judging by many of your posts in the past, you believe in an NMA (negative mental attitude). You seem to think you make things better by being negative about everything. Life is really going to suck for you if you keep thinking this way. You always say something like "everything can't be fairies and unicorns." You're right but at least you could be respectful about it. No one likes to be around a downer. If I was disrespectful to you in any way, I apologize, but it was only because you were bashing me.

    In response to one of your earlier posts, I don't see how you can compare D&D material to Virts&Bone's material. You feel like you're getting more value for your money with D&D then with Virts&Bone, feel free to do so, but you are comparing apples to oranges. I like D&D's material, I like De'vos material, I like Daniel Madison's Material, I like Andre J's material, I like The Virts & Bones material. They each have something a little different to offer. I'm not dissappointed by the Virts material in the least. I have Dangerous, I have the Trilogy, I have De'vos stuff.... Anaconda and Eye Cut, in my opinion has been more exiting, and more Epic then the rest.

    I'm happy for you that you didn't waste your money on this, I'm glad for me that I did, we'll leave it at that.
  18. nope. meant conflict from the noobs.

    dont worry, i cringe when i watch your videos too. : ) though i did think the flick into a behind the back spring was not bad.

    regardless, you people make a fun talking point within the singapore community.
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    That's more like a reply. I respect that. I was merely comparing the material that you get within Artist A, in comparison to Artist B. No bias, nothing more.

    Please, dont try and teach me about 'attitudes' towards my own life. I dont know where you picked up that stuff, but it certainly wasnt in my Psychology course, as well as numerous Body languages, Social behaviours and group dynamics, and other social studies that i have extensively participated in.

    If you can actively preach my attitude and assume merely from a few simple posts about my general outlook on life and how i am supposedly, according to you a 'Negative thinker', Then by golly-****, I congratulate you. Cause you've put my extensive efforts onto studying social dynamics to waste- Cause im not even to that level.

    Also, this is starting to sound like "my E-penis is bigger than yours" argument. I am very intrested as to how you've concluded that im a 'negative thinker' so shoot a PM. Its more socially accepted, and plus, you'll probably save yourself the embarassment.

    Also, this isnt bashing. Least, i dont think it is. I refrain from name calling and other acts of immaturity.

    That's awesome, Because here in the UK, we have other **** to talk about besides Magic.
  20. You could use this as a force. LOL..

    Although, I think it's BS and he's using an electric deck.

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