Over-Hyped Anaconda Dribble

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    Hey guys, im sure most of u had seen the Anaconda Dribble.
    Here it is if you haven't seen it --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7yvPcKVf80&feature=channel

    What do you guys think of this flourish ?

    It certainly looks impessive from the angels it was taken.
    It even looks impressive taken head on.

    --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMawNt0gNGo&feature=channel

    Has anyone of you not bought the dvd and be able to do the anaconda ?
    I myself tried it out. i don't know if its because of the editing in the videos that make it look so much more impressive then seen in reality. I am able to get it as high as from my belly button to over my face and i am 176cm tall. Is that how high an anconda dribble could go ?
  2. Did you say overhyped? No way! :rolleyes:
  3. I personally feel that the way they advertise it makes it like the best flourish in the world... LOL i cant help but feel this way. Yes the flourish is AAAWWWESOME but they advertise it in such a way that its better then what it is. ><
  4. Apparantly if you're in a room with a bunch of other flourishers and you do the anaconda, you'll be the most awesomely skilled guy in that whole room. Whoa, badass! You can shove Pandora up yours dan and dave buck, the anaconda can do that.

  5. To be honest, i feel that pandora is cooler then anaconda.. LOL even though anaconda is one the newest flourish in the "market".
  6. I understand what you're getting at Sinful mate, but the difference between Pandora and Anaconda is that Anaconda is more like a spring, it's more accessable to a layman, and still impressive (when mastered) to another flourisher/magician.

    But yes, it was hyped, big time.

  7. Yes i feel its so hyped.
    Can anyone of you do the anaconda without buying the dvd ?

    Please try it!!!
    * Try to dribble it to make the cards fall parallel to your body*
    Just try to attain that. Make it fall parallel.
    Start small ( low height ) than gradually increase it bit by bit. ( learn to walk before you RUN! )
  8. tbh i just do a regular dribble and just stretch it really high. it looks exactly the same. plus you save money.

  9. There are more flourishes in there other than the Anaconda, although I feel there wasn't much difference in the DVD and the set of cute photos released a while ago
  10. I learned the Anaconda (not the proper way) and the EyeCut back in 2006 .

    Both of which I can say is the most flashiest moves that I do. (The card spring takes number 1, however I didn't learn that until late 2008, guess I ran before I could walk)

    Overhyped? Maybe, because the Virts are trying to sell a product. But don't underestimate it. It is possible to learn both without the DVD (heck me and a few others have done it). But if you want perfection, then get the DVD is you can.
  11. Its not that its a crap move so to speak- Hell no. Its damn impressive. But i'd rather spend my money on something else than to learn two moves. For the price of that, a person could've walked away happily with Dan and Dave's The Trilogy. Andthensome.
  12. I've bought the DVD and download and although the flourish is awesome,I think the DVD was hyped way to much.

    The teaching itself lasts for FOUR MINUTES, other than that, it's only performances and other ****e.


    But then again, the flourish is very accessible to laymen, unlike many other flourishes, so I'll practise it, but the DVD - a disappointment.
  13. I believe to attain perfection is to practise. Yes i believe that u could do the anaconda without purchasing the dvd as many people have done it.

    Is there another resource out there that teaches eye cut ?

    Layman WOW at the anaconda =X even my little brother who is 7 years old wow at it.. haha
  14. I remember the anaconda was taught for free a few months (or maybe last year) by pictures on bones site or something. It was a thread on here.
  15. Just being curious, why would bone teach anaconda for free and then started producing a $72000 dvd and sell it as a limited edition one ?
  16. Psh. Beats me. But I know I saw it taught and it was legit from the creator.
    It wasnt some kid on youtube but a real site. I learned it but since im not crazy about it I only do it from my chest to a little over my head.
  17. Thats weird.. anyway i tried out the anaconda and could do it. but still needs loads of practise to do it like bone.. That answers the question in my head. --> why people are able to do the anconda even before its dvd came out... Ans: Its was taught for free before... And now with over-hyped ads all over the net advertising this flourish. WEIRD ~.~
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    They never said you'd be the most skilled guy in the room. They said you'd command the attention of any spectator in the room. To a layperson, 99 people doing 1000 variations of 2-handed cuts, it all looks the same. The only thing interesting going on would be the anaconda.

    People are able to do the Anaconda before the DVD came out because there was a free tutorial posted at HandLordz.com. That's how I learned it...but I still bought the DVD... why? Because I wanted perfection. The tips included in the DVD are great.
  19. Alternatively, you could distinguish yourself from the other 99 people by going up and talking to the spectator. But then again, maybe that's just me.
  20. Thats it! that was where I learned it.

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