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  1. i started school today , and in every class whenever we did one of those " say something interesting about you" in ever class i brought up i did magic , instead of hiding it like i had in the past , i felt uneasy about it at first but i felt good afterwards
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  2. This is TERRIFIC news. I understand the hesitation; you don't want to feel like you are 'pushing' yourself on people.
    But I will predict (ha ha) that tomorrow at least one person will come to you and ask you to perform something.

    I highly recommend you be prepared. Choose something simple; something with which you feel completely comfortable and confident. You will establish a reputation.
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  3. Someone did , ive been building a reputation at school slowly but surely , im getting comfortable performing for large crowds. i still have the shakes , but im comfortable
  4. My school starts next week, I am planning to do the same thing.

    I'm going to be wearing my Odyssey gimmick just in case someone asks me to perform a trick.
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  5. Sorry to be a downer but if it were me I wouldn't perform Odyssey right away especially if you're known to not wear rings... I would get people used to the fact that I wear a ring, also I would do ring magic, for a while, using other people's rings way before ever trying Odyssey
  6. A) If I am walking around or sitting down with a ring, I am clearly wearing it.
    B) I will switch it out for a real one at the end, so it doesn't even matter
    C) I have been wearing one for a while, so most of my close friends know about it.
    D) It's the first day of school. No one is going to remember who wears what. Hell, people will forget other people's names.
    E) I am going to present it as if it were done impromptu
    F) No one is looking at my hands long enough to know if I wear a ring normally.
  7. I understand your hesitance to share that you are a magician/entertainer as many people tend to laugh or snicker at this statement when it is made. Typically people who have not yet seen a good performer or close up magician just associate "magic" as the nerdy/geeky thing that people do in their rooms that have no social life.

    Be cautious that you do not become the magic monkey at school that everyone wants to see a "new" trick from daily. Daily performances and these expectations from your peers will lead to a game of "catch the magician" and you'll soon find out what heckling is like even from your friends. Try to hone your material by focusing on the same few effects for many different people over the course of a week. Repetition of the effect and patter will teach you what "lines" work and what doesn't. What angles are bad and such as well.
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  8. ...just saying, only if you're known to not wear rings but since you do then no problem...
  9. Great man! I know it will be tempting but don't show everything you have at once. Space it out. Maybe show the class or some friends a trick or two one day, and then hold off for awhile. Like someone said above, don't be a clown, performing for everyone who asks. It's okay to say no. Or if you feel like that's harsh just say, next time, or, I don't have my cards with me right now (regardless whether you do or not). Best of luck!
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