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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jimmy88, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hi people!!

    I'm hitting Erdnase recently and I have a problem with palming.

    I can do the lateral palm and gamblers but I'm having trouble with anything like the classic palm and top etc.
    My hands are to thin... and no matter how I try and position the card it will always show.

    Has anyone else has this trouble and what can you do to fix it? Other then accept that because if my hands I will be unable to prefom these moves.
    Thank you
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  2. The thing about palming is that you're not attempting to totally conceal the card. Many of the best card men in history (and contemporarily) were unable to do that.

    What makes a palm effective is knowing when and how to use it, and directing attention away from the 'dirty' hand in such a way that the audience never even suspects there may be something in that hand. Returning the card to the deck, or placing it somewhere, with subtlety is also pretty critical. Look into "topping the deck".

    I can use the palm effectively and a playing card takes up 90% of my hand. As in, if I put a card aligned with the bottom of my palm, it comes to the second knuckles of my middle and index fingers, and pretty much completely covers my palm side to side. I just allow my hand to naturally curve and that pins the card into place. Because the hand is in a natural position it's not suspected.
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  3. I second and third what Christopher is saying.

    When I do Card to Pocket tbh sometimes so am so lazy I don’t even palm it. I literally just take it off the bottom of the deck and put it in my pocket. I still don’t get caught because the move is properly motivated as well as being used at the right time with the right misdirection.

    Now I am not saying you should be lazy haha my point is that it doesn’t truly matter if your hands are big enough. If you have proper motivation, timing, and misdirection you can truly pull off anything.

    Here is a video of me discussing my pass and how terrible it is yet I still get away with it anyway. Maybe it may help?
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  4. Thank you both very much!
    I feel much more informed and better about it now.

    Thank you both.
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