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  1. I will release a new project, and i want to know how the payment is happening. Theory11 sends checks to the artists?
  2. Yep but as long as you have $50 on royalty
  3. I think you get paid as long as you have accumulated at least $5.00 USD by the eleventh of the month.
  4. We send out checks on the 11th of every month, but only after your month-end balance reaches at least $50 USD. If my account balance is $40 at the end of January, I won't be paid on February 11th. If I earn $20 more in February I will be paid on March 11th for $60. Then if I earn $200 more in March I will be paid $200 on April 11th.

    Make sense?

    // L
  5. oh i didn't know that... Thank you very much for the answer!
  6. Hey Lyle,

    Is there anyway for us to track how many units we have sold?
  7. Units sold is reported on your monthly royalty statement, sent out on or before the 11th of the month following your sales. Sales this month will be reported on or before August 11th on your royalty statement.

    // L
  8. Hey Lyle,

    Does Theory11 send out any notifications/emails once checks have been sent out?
  9. Nope. If your balance is $50+ at the end of one month, we mail checks by the 11th of the following month. No notifications currently occur when these checks are sent. You WILL get your usual month-end statements that show your sales for the month.

    // L
  10. And there is an email that gets sent out with the synopsis.

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