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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mentalizing, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Starting to regret making this thread. This was not a thread to figure out what was wrong with performance. I ask people to just look at it as entertainment and enjoy it but instead they respond with "I can't do that I like to figure that type of stuff out."

    Please understand that 99% of the people I perform for really like to enjoy it and will not try to purposely ruin any trick. I was just wondering if any of the people you did perform for not enjoy the magic at all or just seem annoyed at all. So any more posts trying to help any performance issues is very nice but that is not what this was about.
  2. Simple Answer: Then don't perform for them..
  3. Well, I perform for my parents so they can help with any flashes but ever since a certain trick they just ride me on it. Also I completely agree with you, I would never perform for them personally but, sometimes they are just in a crowd and it is slightly difficult for me to stop something just because of one person.
  4. It's your fault.

    Keep that in mind. If people are not enjoying your magic, it is in your lack of presentation, showmanship or enthusiasm.

    Yes, parents or people that has seen a lot may act annoyed or bored, but if you show them something powerful and presented solidly, they will participate.

    Get Strong Magic, Absolute Magic, Magic and showmanship, Maximum entertainment etc.. These books will be superior to any new magic DVDs you could buy instead.

  5. I think nearly everybody missed the point of this thread. He wasn't asking advice necessarily but just wondering if anybody else experienced this. I know exactly what he is talking about, but I guess some people aren't really understanding what he is asking, read it more clearly I guess even when he was trying to better explain it.
  6. well then, no I have not had people become annoyed when I show them magic.

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