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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bagged95cavy, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. How yall doing just wanna tell ya about a few tricks i did today. I usally only do tricks to my girlfriend and family because i get the shakes if someone ask me to do a trick. well today i did it.

    I work as a merchandiser for Coca Cola well i was at walmart today working and i brought a deck of cards cause i knew i would be bored. well i was sitting in the warehouse just shuffling and practicing a few things when the pepsi guy said do u know card tricks or something..Part of me wanted to say no..but i decided and just said Yep..wanna see one. he said oh yea.

    SO i just did a basic ACR and he was a lil freaked out then i did a 2 card transposition between his hands and when he seen the cards changed he threw the cards on the ground and walked away. He said u r crazy,ur like hell's child. so i said let me try one more but this time not with cards. so i had him bust open any 12 pack of coke that he wanted take one can out of it and he gave me a quarter and he signed it and from there on i did sinful...when he seen the coin was in the can at the end with his initials...thats when he just freaked out and said no more from you,let me check my back pocket and make sure my wallet still thought that was pretty funny.

    Just thought id share my lil experience today..sorry it was soo long..tommorow i plan on bringing Panic and seeinf if he really starts to Panic,


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