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  1. Hello
    I have trick to sell and i never performed it but im sure it will work because its an compelition of already performed methods and also the connectors between them with no changing at all when you gather them that way you have this trick.. (all the moves are audiance tested)
    and i cant performe it because there is a very hard part in it but i know someone who created that move and can do it normally as he did before, my question is can i ask him to performe my trick for me without revealing the secret to anyone and how can i prevent him from revealing the secret to anyone ? and how can i prove its mine in any way .....

    Thank you
  2. If you're selling this trick, I think its only fair if you can perform it yourself for the audience. If there is a move you cannot do, find a way around it by using a different move, or learn the move. You should definitely test the trick with an audience multiple times. And please make sure the trick is original in some way.
  3. Thank you , and what if the trick is for free and i want to put it on youtube ,does it make sence to tell someone to performe it for me ? and at the beggining i say i created this and here is my friend or this guy and he will be the one performing the trick in this video....
    Thank you
  4. Well, if it's free, you might as well release it here on the marketplace - you'll get a better audience. If you're absoluteley using a different person to do the performance, I suggest having your friend and you film it together, one does the trick, one explains it.
  5. Why would you possibly want to release something you've never even performed? That's like, asking to have a terrible reputation.
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  6. Exactly what I was trying to say. How does one know if a trick is going to work if it has never been seen? I mean, the steering wheel tray was probably a good idea on paper, but not really in reality.
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  7. don't release it. If you can't perform it, how will you teach it?
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  8. A lot of magic these days is getting released just because. You should only release something if it genuinely going to help the magic community. Effects should be tested and work in real performance. If something is just an idea that may work in theory, you may as well hold onto it until a real world application can be used with it. I have a handful of stuff that i have not released because i feel like it isn't quite finished yet.
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